The best apps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Mi Band 5, 4 and 3

Searching in the Google Play application store and in the App Store we will find many applications for the Mi Band . The vast majority of them compatible with any model of sports bracelet, but nevertheless each one focused on a purpose. So that you can get more out of the Xiaomi sports bracelet, we let you know what each of the options that exist offers us.

A complete review of all those useful apps that we must have on our mobile if we have the Mi Band and want to take advantage of it. It may be surprising how much a small bracelet can do on our wrist, which with each generation has evolved to offer us more extras natively and still has a lot to learn from other options.

best apps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Control apps

The apps that cannot be missed are those that generally monitor the information that the Mi Band generates . From the Mi Band 1 this bracelet is capable of counting the steps and that must be displayed and stored somewhere, reaching the Mi Band 6 with the ability to measure our oxygen saturation or pulsations to track health.

My Fit

To start the list of applications for the Xiaomi Smart Band we come across the app specifically developed by Xiaomi. It is the one that we must always use to start taking advantage of it when we buy it, because from it we will receive the updates for the firmware of the bracelet and it will give us footing to the rest of the possibilities that we will see later. It is the favorite option for many and it is not for less, since it has practically everything.

mi fit app smart band xiaomi
However, it does not convince everyone by the management of notifications, the few additions that it allows us or the difficulties in some cases to send us alerts. In any case, it is an indispensable part and we must have it at least to start, whether we have an Android mobile or an iPhone.

Mi Fit
Developer: Huami Inc.

My Bandage

The next option that is used to control all the data from the Mi Band 1 to the following generations is one of the most complete. Add new functions for the bracelet such as showing the remaining battery time to our liking, personalizing caller IDs, recording missed calls on the bracelet itself, silencing incoming calls or customizing the notification texts.

In addition to all that, it allows us to keep track of everything we receive on the smartband from the mobile app itself and adds the advantage of creating reminders or events on the calendar in a much more intuitive way than the original app. However, we will only find it for Android.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

It is one of the most popular alternatives to the Xiaomi app. It started by giving us small additions for the Mi Band 3, but has managed to gain a niche thanks to the good opinions of the users. Among its most striking points is the customization of the vibration and a better use as an alarm clock. But it also manages to fix the notifications that so many bugs give in Android. The app does not forget to control the steps and other sports activities.

app mi band xiaomi notify and fitness

Master for Mi Band

In this case, it is an app for iOS, although paid on this platform and Android that works identically, as an alternative to Mi Fit . It is one of the most complete and tries to improve what the original does, with a graphic and visual record of all the data collected by the bracelet. He does not forget to sleep or to improve the smart alarm clock to wake us up in moments of deep sleep.

Tools & Mi Band

Although the first time we see it it may seem like a very basic app, the truth is that it adds extras and advantages to all the Mi Band. We can combine it with the original app and it offers us the possibility to configure alerts at our whim that we cannot do in My Fit. Previously it was paid, but the most normal thing is to find it for free and navigating its menus will give us advantages that we did not imagine, which begin by configuring the letter of the text on the bracelet and reach the vibration.

tools mi band app

Camera Apps

Although the Xiaomi sports bracelet does not offer an integrated camera, we will be able to use it as a tool to control the mobile . You will only need to have the appropriate app on your mobile, place your mobile and shoot in the distance. Bluetooth technology will send the signal and we will only have to enjoy the snapshot.

Mi Band Selfie

Among the best apps for the Xiaomi bracelet we come across this one, which, as indicated by its name, allows you to take photos. When installed, we will use it as a remote trigger for the phone’s camera, being able to take group photos without having to leave your arm extended for it and without having to ask anyone for a favor.

Remote shutter

Compatible with practically any camera app on our mobile, this option also works properly and even better for many Android mobiles. It allows you to configure the shutter sound and integrates your own options for photographing with the Mi Band through your mobile. With the and bracelet we will be the ones who decide the result of the photo that we are going to take in the distance.

Sports apps

One of the added advantages of the Xiaomi bracelet is linked to sports activities and therefore we cannot ignore extras offered by some apps to collect data and offer scores on activities with the smartband.

Mi Band 5 puesta en la muñeca de un hombre que hace ejercicio

Google fit

The app developed by Google has the fall of being counted to our bracelet to combine the data and give us an assessment of the activities we complete. So we can see on our mobile the steps that the bracelet has been collecting throughout the day, but also the running or cycling activities that we have completed.


Although we cannot officially take sports activity data to Strava, we can do so with this application. After completing each training session, it offers us the option of exporting the GPS data combined with the mobile and the rest of the information based on our keystrokes. Something very useful to compete with friends and family.

Health apps

One of the main purposes of the bracelet is to keep our health at bay and that is why there are also apps that offer us control over our evolution beyond the official manufacturer.

frecuencia mi band 6

My HR with Smart Alarm

This app compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Band that uses the heart rate sensor of the Xiaomi sports device establishes different training plans focused on fat burning or muscle development. But unlike others, it follows its indications based on the pulsations so that our effort is always adjusted to our possibilities. In addition, it will help us to control the applications with a wide history during each day.

Mi Band App

Although the name does not give us much information about what it offers, it is the best application to export data based on keystrokes. Expressly designed to control our heart and that we can send the entire history as a PDF to our doctor to make an exhaustive control of our day to day.

Apps to change the screen

From the Mi Band 3 we find great customization options for the Chinese manufacturer’s smartband , as it is one of those advantages that everyone likes. Taking advantage of the Amoled panel we can even make it consume less battery, but above all give it a new style every time we get tired of looking at history and always seeing the same design.

mi band 4 watchfaces mi band 5


One of the leading apps in giving style to our bracelets offers us compatibility with all the Mi Band models that allow it. Within its categories there are different search options for the bracelet and from the same application we can download, install and put them into operation together with Mi Fit. Its many designs will make us never repeat style on Android or iPhone.

WatchFaces Store

From this app every day we are going to contemplate new styles adapted to all models from the Mi Band 6 or earlier. He differentiates them by bracelets, to find designs that fit perfectly with the screen size. Endless styles that we can also search with language filters or features that we want to see on the main screen, such as the weather or the date.

Other interesting apps

Outside of the conventional categories, we come across some applications that seek to go one step further and make our Xiaomi smartband practically a smartphone. With some extras that will surely surprise you, this is all that the Mi Band bracelet can do.

mi band 6 colores

Band Сhannel (Weather)

The Chinese manufacturer’s add-on may even have more time-related advantages than it already comes standard, and that is why we will rely on this app. It was designed for the Mi Band 2, but it can still be useful to receive alerts through IFTTT when there are storms near us and that it vibrates to alert us.

Vibro band

In this case it is valid for the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 onwards, allowing the vibration to adapt with the intention of laughing and having a good time. It allows to link the vibration with the rhythm of the music and make the vibration take on a life of its own on our wrist.

Find Mi Band

You will never lose your activity bracelet again, with this app on your mobile you can walk around the house so that the bluetooth connection allows the pairing and it begins to sound to detect it. A quick and easy way to know if we have lost it around us or we have to go outside in search of it.

Browser for Mi Band

As if it were Google Maps, since it works with the help of this Google service, the directions to get to our destination will appear on the screen. Very useful and comfortable for when we go on a trip to a city or town unknown to us and thus not have to continually keep an eye on the mobile.