Best Applications and Websites to Sell Second-hand Clothes

We continually buy clothes that we stop putting on in a couple of seasons and accumulate in our closet “just in case.” Selling second-hand clothes has become one of the best options to renew the garments that we no longer use and invest that money in releasing something that we like more or that suits us better. And many of the best websites to sell clothes offer you all kinds of options and facilities to advertise or send that jacket that you are not going to wear anymore.

You know that year after year you have said “I leave it in case one day I wear it” but you will not wear it. Make space, earn money and invest it in something new, something you want or in jeans that fit you better. There are apps that manage everything for you and others that allow you to sell without commission.

Mainly, we find two types of applications or websites to sell clothes according to the way in which we make the sale, contact with the customer or shipping.

  • Online stores that will manage the sale. In these cases, you will fill out a form, send a garment or a package of garments and a specialized company will check that everything is correct, assess or choose the price that corresponds. The company will take the photographs, put the product or products on sale and will make the shipment to the new buyer. You will only receive the corresponding percentage that has been agreed upon each time one of your garments is sold.
  • Applications and services in which you take care . You communicate with the buyer and you send the clothes. The advantage of these applications is that you do not have to pay commission and everything you earn will be for you. The main drawback is that you will be in charge of taking the photographs, choosing a price, uploading them to the Internet, contacting potential sellers or sending them.


Tips for selling clothes online

If you are going to bet on specialized online stores to sell you will not have to worry about anything except meeting the requirements. Typically, these companies will ask you not to be stained or broken or unmade clothes or arrangements, nor underwear or swimsuits or bikinis. Beyond fulfilling what you are asked, you will not have to worry about anything except choosing which one you want to sell. However, if you are going to bet on applications such as Wallapop or Vinted (or the missing Chicfy) it is recommended that you follow a series of tips to succeed:

  • Wash and iron clothes . It may be obvious but good quality and presentation in what you are going to send is very important.
  • Give all the details . If you are going to sell some shoes or a coat, use the product description to indicate all materials, size, etc.
  • Be careful with the photographs. Take attractive photographs because it will be your main tool and presentation to get something sold. Look for a good light, that the garment looks beautiful and even creates looks with them.
  • Share your profiles of these applications on social networks and thus your followers on Twitter or Instagram or your friends on Facebook can check if they are interested or share them with their acquaintances.
  • Show the original price. We always seek to buy at the best price and calculate how much you save on a piece of clothing is always stimulating.
  • Make discounts If stores have sales, these applications too.
  • Try to be reasonable. You might think that those shoes cost you dearly six seasons ago and are new but set a reasonable price that makes it worth buying in a second-hand application and not new ones in a store. It will always be more than the benefit it gives you occupying space season after season without using it.

Best websites to sell online


Micolet is one of the pages to sell more popular clothes although you can only sell or buy second-hand clothes for women. Clothing or accessories because it has sections of shoes, dresses, skirts bags, jackets, coats … At first glance its interface will seem like an online store and you can filter by size, color, type or even by brand. Once you see a garment that you like, you only have to throw it into the cart and they will send it to you like any other online purchase. It is not another user who sends you the clothes but the company itself.Micolet - Mejores webs para vender ropa

In this case, Micolet is one of the best websites to sell clothes because you will not have to sell garment per garment to user after user but you can empty the closet almost completely in one go. Select the clothes you want to sell, you can choose a maximum of 20 garments per shipment and they cannot have stains or rips or tears or discoloration.

In addition, you must send them completely clean, which is a maximum of three seasons ago (current clothes, nothing of your grandmother’s clothes) and that are not swimsuits or imitations or pajamas or underwear or children’s clothing or sportswear or handmade clothing No clothes with arrangements.

There are many conditions that you must meet but if you have new clothes and in good condition it will be worth filling out the form, they will pick up the clothes and send you a valuation within five weeks. You can choose if you accept, if you prefer to donate or if you want to be returned to try other methods.

My Clothes Go

The interface of My Clothing Go is very similar to that of Micolet, with a totally online store appearance and not the classic purchase and sale application. You can choose the category you want or filter by size, by brand, by color or price. Once you have chosen the dress you want, just take it out and receive it at home in only 24 or 48 hours for free on orders over 39.95 euros and with free return if you do not like or do not fit . But also, you can sell.Mi-Ropa-Go

My Clothing Go allows you to sell all the clothes you want and get some extra money with clothes and signatures that you don’t wear but they should be without breaks, without ripples, without stains, without smells or without balls. Depending on what you order, the garments are classified between “new”, “brand new” and “very good” and each of them will be priced differently so you will receive a price that is around 40% of the sale up to 60% of the sale made. You will receive the money from the sale once they are sold and a payment will be made once a month.


The difference of this online store with respect to the previous ones is that it will not only accept women’s clothing but it is one of the best websites to sell children’s, men’s, women’s, bags or shoes. The appearance is that of any other online store and you do not have to stay with anyone or make the photos to get them sold but it is enough to bring the clothes of the brand and receive the corresponding money according to the garments you have sent and the quality of these .Percentil - ejores webs para vender ropa

Percentile puts your clothes in a warehouse and goes on sale. During the first fifteen days the valuation price is maintained without discounts and once these fifteen days, if it has not been sold, discounts are made to try to sell them. When it has been sold, you will receive the money about 30 days later (to make sure it has not been returned) and the percentages range from 20% for cheaper items to 70% in the case of items of 100 euros or more.

Baul Chic

If you have decided that there are clothes that you no longer use, another of the best websites to sell clothes is Baúl Chic. In this case, if you have decided to sell some garments you can contact the online store and they will send you a form in which you can detail the option and the garments you wish to deliver.

Baul Chic - Mejores webs para vender ropa

In addition, you can request the collection of your garments at home and the amount of the collection will be deducted from your first sales. Once they have your clothes, they will pass a quality control, they will take the pertinent photographs (you can also choose to make them yourself) and they will upload your clothes to the online store so that other users can buy it. When it is up and someone is interested and buys it, you will receive your money with up to 75% profit from the sale price or 60% depending on the garment sent and the state.

The online store is similar to any other, without looking like you are buying used or second-hand clothes. You can filter by brands or it will also allow you to find clothes from a vendor in question if you think it has good taste or that the quality of the garments for sale are recommended. It is easy and very practical.


Many of the best websites to sell clothes online focus exclusively on women’s clothing and clothing. Ropasión is one of those that will allow you more options: children’s and baby clothes, accessories or men’s clothing. You can empty all the closets of your house almost completely because it admits practically everything.


Ropasión works in a similar way to other services on this list: fill out the sales request and they will contact you to make sure your garments that meet the quality criteria and then the collection will be done at home, for five euros the box . Once Ropasión has your clothes, they will be valued and reviewed and they will contact you to inform you of their valuation. If you agree, the items will go on sale. If you do not agree, you can recover your clothes or they will allow you to donate it without any cost. When you decide to put them on sale, you will forget to take pictures or contact customers because they take care of everything and each month they will make an income of the amount you have sold with your clothes. In this online store you will receive 40% of the total sale price that you can spend on the website itself or receive it in your bank account. If at six months you have not sold anything, you can recover your clothes or bet for six more months.

Second baby

Young children grow fast and many gifts quickly lose their usefulness. Second Baby is a store specializing in selling second-hand baby clothes , accessories or toys . In addition, in this case you decide the sale price of your products but they are responsible for the dissemination and logistics process. You create the seller account, advertise your products or garments that you want to sell, publish on the web and spread on social networks to give you greater visibility. Once you have sold your products for sale, they will handle the logistics process between buyer and seller and transfer your earnings to your bank account quickly.

Second Baby - Mejores webs para vender ropa

In the case of Second Baby, there is a commission of 12% + VAT on everything you sell. In return, they will advise you on ideas to make your photographs or ideas to package the products and thus conquer new users. Another advantage of this website is that it is a very specialized option in the children’s sector and that not only allows you to sell clothes but also hammocks that you no longer use, cribs or mini-cribs, high chairs … All the junk that remain at home When your son or daughter have grown up, here they can have a second chance.


Vinted is one of the latest applications to sell clothes that have gone on the market and has become one of the most popular and with the highest success rate. You just have to create a profile, upload photographs of the clothes that you no longer want and do not use, put a price and let someone else choose if you want that item in question. They do not charge you commission, it is completely free to make a profile and upload the photographs and it is very easy to use if you have clothes that you do not use or do not want.Vinted - Mejores webs para vender ropa

Once someone is interested in a garment that you have in your catalog, you just have to prepare the article to send it , print the label that the application gives you and take it to the shipping point. You will not have to meet anyone in person or have to know the address of other users so there will be no privacy risks. There is also no sales commission and as soon as the buyer receives the shipment and confirms that everything is fine, you will automatically receive your payment. As a buyer you can request a refund up to two days after receiving it if the item or item you buy is damaged or does not fit the description.

If you are looking for one of the best websites to sell clothes with the user-user format this is one of the best options available and with a broader catalog.


Wallapop works similarly to Vinted but it is not a web specialized in clothing but you can find everything you want and it is one of the best websites to buy and sell everything you can imagine. The advantage of this platform is that it is the most popular and your clothes will have greater visibility than in any other. But you will have to manage everything: create a garment, upload the photographs of your products to your profile, put a price and a description (which is quite complete) and other users will contact you when you are interested in a product.


In this case, Wallapop has the option of using its website or the application available for iOS and Android. When another user is interested in something of yours, they will contact you through the “chat” option of the website and you will have to agree on a shipping method and all the necessary procedures for it.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has its own Marketplace where you can upload your unused clothes or any type of product. You hang it up, other users will see it, they can contact you and you can arrange a delivery . The ads are public and anyone can see them by accessing this section of the web. In addition, you can sort by distance to ensure that the dress or jacket you are going to buy is close to you.Facebook Marketplace

In the case of Facebook, you just have to go to the Marketplace in the menu on the left, click on the “ + Sell something ” option. Once here, you will have to click on “Item for sale”. Upload the photo and fill in the fields of the ad: title, price, location, product category and a description if you want. You can add up to ten different photographs and publish it on the website for others to see.