Best applications to create human faces using AI

Artificial Intelligence technology does not stop growing both at the software and hardware level, mainly through machine learning. In this way, an AI is taught to make its own decisions by exposing generally large data sets. The use of this technology in photographs and images has become a common practice, which allows AI to generate faces from simple drawings or sketches.

That is why there are applications that will allow us to create the faces of people that do not exist using Artificial Intelligence. The results are usually so good that the photos showing people’s faces could be an image of any real person, except that we know that they have been generated by AI.

Uses of generating faces using AI

Best applications to create human faces using AI

On the Internet we can find a wide variety of websites with which it is possible to create faces using AI . Some of these sites are responsible for automatically creating a face so that the user does not have to do anything, simply admire it and download it if desired. Other pages allow you to configure the face to obtain a specific face, being able to choose the skin color, the type of facial expression, etc. This can serve as a solution to dispose of photographs without violating the privacy or image rights of any person, since everything has been artificially generated, so no one has been photographed.

The use of faces generated by Artificial Intelligence is used in various fields . For example, in interior design with the possibility of creating scenarios for sale, as well as garments, articles or accessories. It is also widely used in the field of video games where characters very similar to a real human being can be appreciated. Likewise, large companies such as Facebook and Google also have their own algorithms with Artificial Intelligence, so the use of these networks will be much more than faces, achieving virtual scenarios that seem real.

Websites to generate faces using Artificial Intelligence

Next, we are going to talk about a series of web pages that will allow us to generate faces using Artificial Intelligence.

Face Maker AI, create human faces from sketches

We are talking about a web application that will allow us different types of tools to work with graphics, both for graphic designers and developers. One of these tools is Face Make AI, created by and that will allow us to create human faces from sketches where some facial attributes are included, just enough that it contains a few simple strokes that resemble the human face.

Face Maker AI

To test this tool, it will provide us with a sketch that is placed in the left panel and the resulting image appears on the right side. We can both edit this sketch provided on the left side by making some changes and start with a new one.

Face Make AI can be used for free and for this, just click on this link to its main website .

Face Generator, create faces with specific features and characteristics

With this online tool we will be able to create and generate images of people’s faces that do not exist through the use of AI. They can be given the traits and characteristics that we specify . For this we will have a wide selection of automatically generated faces on which we can apply various filters such as gender, head position, ethnicity, age, eye color, hair color, etc., so that they adjust to our needs. preferences. These effects are applied from the menu on the left of the page, displaying the results on the right almost instantly.

Face Generator

Once finished, we can download the photographs, for which we must register on the page. Face Generator has a free mode of use that we can access from the developer’s own website . This mode has some size limitations and adds a watermark to the final result. To take full advantage of the application, it will be necessary to subscribe to one of its payment methods, whether it is $ 19.99 per month, the payment per number of photos.

AI Anonymizer, generates faces similar to ours

We are talking about a web application that will allow us to generate faces similar to ours using Artificial Intelligence. That is why it can be very useful for us to use a virtual face as a profile photo on our social networks. Thanks to this we can give an idea of our appearance without using a real photo.

Its use is simple because we only have to upload a photograph of our face looking straight ahead in JPG or PNG format with a maximum weight of 5 MB. This will generate multiple faces that share various aspects with ours such as hair color, eyes, gender, etc. Once chosen, we can download it, although not edit it, just by registering.

AI Anonymizer

AI Anonymizer has a free version that we can access from the website of the creators of the application . This mode allows you to generate faces for personal purposes. In the event that we are going to use it for commercial purposes, it will be necessary to acquire a paid subscription.

Rosebud AI, customize and generate a face from a photo

This web service allows us both to upload photographs and to choose from your image bank to be able to edit and alter them through the use of Artificial Intelligence. This will help us to cover various possibilities depending on the use that we are going to give it. All the photos on the platform are free to use for our own projects and we can modify them to our liking to obtain results according to what we are looking for.

Rosebud AI

Once we have chosen the photo and personalized it to our liking, we can download and use it without violating any type of Copyright or rights of use. To start using it, simply access the website of the program’s creators and register through an email or our Google or Facebook account.

BoredHumans, Create Fake Faces Using AI

This simple web application is capable of creating fake people’s faces through the use of Artificial Intelligence. It has a database of 70,000 photos of humans for which they are based on the creation of false faces. The faces are made by machine learning which gets better and better over time trying to produce synthetic faces that will masquerade as real faces.


Using BoredHumans is completely free and you just have to access the developer’s own website . Here we must click on the button Generate Another Fake Human! for a new fake face to appear. It is possible to save it on our computer and use it freely, what the web does not allow us is to be able to make modifications to the created faces., creates false faces every time we access

This simple website is capable of generating faces automatically every time we access it. This is based on NVIDIA‘s “Deep learning” technology . In this way, every time we update the web, it will show us new faces instantly. As we can see, it offers spectacular results, which we can hardly imagine that they are not real. It is true that the algorithm is still not perfect and it is possible to find some bugs in the faces or duplicate content that has not been generated correctly, although in general the results are more than satisfactory.

Thispersondoesnotexist Accessing the Thispersondoesnotexist website is free and downloading the photos does not infringe any Copyright as they are completely false.

What AI Face Generation Tool to Use?

As we can see, we have several options when choosing a web application with which to generate non-real faces through the use of AI. When opting for the use of one application or another, we must choose if we prefer that it really show us a false image that we can use or if we prefer to be able to create and edit the image. That said, it should be noted that the applications shown here are free or have a trial version so that we can check with which we obtain better results.

When it comes to creating and editing our own faces, we may stick with Face Maker AI because it is free and without limitations, being able to create faces from sketches. If we only want to download an artificially created image, with we will only have to access to show us a false image that we can download and use freely.