The Best App to Draw on iPad: Tayasui Sketches

In the App Store there are several applications to draw on the iPad, there are many that are worthwhile. However, we wanted to look at one in particular: Tayausi Sketches. This app has been recognized by many users as one of the best and it is not for less, since it has very powerful tools that will surely cover your needs.

Price, compatibility and general description

As we have already said, this is a complete iPad application for drawing. In principle it is a free app , since it allows you to download and access certain tools. However, it also has a premium version of 6.99 euros , which makes it much more complete and professional, being able to access locked tools in the free version. It should be noted that it also has an iPhone version and even with the possibility of using it in iMessage.


Broadly speaking, it is an application that in a way reminds of a classic paper drawing pad , since both design and tools and functions could be. It is not essential to use Apple Pencil to use it, but obviously it will be more versatile to have it available.

Complete and intuitive interface

When we analyze applications we usually look closely at the interface, since it is after all what often makes us opt for one or the other app. In this case we find a very similar interface, as we have already highlighted, to what would be a paper pad. This is because as soon as we access we can see all the sheets of drawings already made, finding the possibility of adding a new sheet in the first position.

Also from the home interface we can select our works to edit, delete or share them with our friends, family or contacts through messaging services or social networks. There is also the possibility of saving them as photos or PDF , so that viewing is much easier. Inside the sheets is where the drawing tools appear, which we analyze in the next section.

Powerful drawing tools

It would be practically impossible to mention all the drawing tools available to Tayausi Sketches, especially if we buy the ‘Pro’ version. However, all of them stand out for being tremendously realistic , be they brushes, pens, pens, pencils, markers and even waxes. The range of possibilities it offers is very wide, being able to also edit the brushes to your liking and fine-tuning the work thanks to the pressure sensitivity with the Apple Pencil. In the end, what it does is allow us to have spectacular results.

Tayasui Sketches

Of course, all drawing tools have at their disposal a complete color range with which we can choose the exact color we want to give our painting. We also have other instruments that may be useful, such as rules, preset forms or text.

Other interesting additions

If there is something that makes any graphic design application professional, that is the possibility of working with layers . This function is available in this app, being able to work with up to 4 layers at the same time. Its operation is very similar to programs like Photoshop and can be vital to prevent certain errors and work in a much more comfortable way. They can also be saved separately in PNG format.

Another interesting aspect to highlight is to be able to import photos and work on them. That way you can get spectacular works based on a photograph taken from the internet or taken by ourselves. All this guaranteeing that our work will not be lost, since it has synchronization with the cloud , being able to save backup copies and continue working with the drawings on other devices.

In short, we believe that it is an application that is very worthwhile to those who are fond of drawing or dedicate themselves to it professionally and want to go from working on paper to do it digitally. We recommend that you try the free version beforehand.

Download Tayausi Sketches