The Best and Most Resistant Charging Cables for Android Mobiles

One of the problems of technology and more specifically of mobile phones is that it is very easy for the charging cable of our mobile phone to break. Although we have seen on previous occasions how easy it can be to fix a broken charging cable, if we have the need to buy a new cable it will be better to opt for a resistant cable that will not break again in a short time.

To help you find that cable you need, we are going to explain the materials most used in cables, which will make the difference between resisting a long time or breaking in a short time. With the intention that you choose well, we are also going to show you a variety of important options, finding your ideal cable yes or yes.

Types of cable for Android phones

Since smartphones came into our lives, plastic has been the recurring material for charging cables and also for other technological products such as headphones, making us see that perhaps it was not the best option- Along with this, other materials used in Instead of plastics that, as we will see later, can be combined to make resistant and durable charging cables for Android that leave the most basic and traditional cables in a bad position. We know first of all the most widespread and well-known materials:

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  • Plastic cable : the first and most popular material that we can find in charging cables is plastic, it is less resistant, although cheaper and that usually presents more problems.
  • Braided nylon cable : for years, nylon has become a textile material used in charging cables because of the strength it offers and how comfortable it is to carry it from here to there.
  • Steel covered cable : one of the most resistant materials for cables, but that on the other hand reduces ease when it comes to storage and transport, since it affects the weight as well as the thickness of the cable itself.

What sturdy cable to buy

There are many varieties of cable that exist, with specific aspects to look at such as the length of the cable, the accessories added to make them even more resistant, the shape or even the load speed they support. Among all the options that we are going to know, there will most likely be the one you need.

Braided nylon cable up to 3 meters

For those who are looking for the best options among resistant cables for mobile phones , this nylon cable is one of the most basic but it will make the difference with respect to the classic cables that usually accompany the original charger. In this case with USB Type C input to be compatible with practically all Android phones and averages that reach three meters, but being able to choose the length we need before purchase. A cable that despite its advantages does not exceed 3 euros in any of its options and despite this has compatible fast charging.

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The side cable that fits us

One of the reasons why cables tend to break sooner than they would like, lies in the position in which we usually use them and without a doubt this cable that offers us the possibility of using it forming 90 degrees will be of great help. . A USB Type C cable that also comes equipped with nylon material to make it resistant and that offers us up to 2 meters in length to get where we want and be able to use it comfortably while charging . Its price in this case exceeds 11 euros, but its advantages are important because it also offers fast charging.

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A reinforced cable that does not wrinkle

This other cable that we have within our reach offers us the possibility not only of having a high-performance braided cable so that it is not affected by heat, cold or even that it does not bend during transport, but on this occasion they have a great help at both ends of connection. This plastic material allows it to adapt to situations without being damaged and therefore last much longer without a single scratch, being able to find it for an approximate price of 8 euros but nevertheless it includes two 1 meter cables and another one of 2 meters.

cables resistentes usb tipo c

Steel cable for the mobile that resists everything

For those who are a complete disaster and tend to lose the cable between the sofa, the bed or even sometimes accidentally step on it, among the resistant cables we find a steel cable that is difficult to break . Based on this durable material, this charging cable is difficult to find because it is not very common to use it, although possibly when you try it you will not want a different one. With USB Type C input and at the other end USB A offers us the resistance we want with a meter in length. However, its price for the material used increases to 22 euros, but if it lasts as long as it should, we will end up amortizing it.

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The swivel cord that avoids breaking

In case we had not already seen everything, there is an option designed not only for the resistance of the cable, but also for the comfort of the user. This cable that can rotate wherever we need it will indirectly help not to break the cable or the connector because it is magnetized and that means that if we pull too much of the cable it will separate from the body before breaking. Thanks to the connectors included in the pack, we can use it both in Android mobiles with USB Type, as well as in iPhone as it incorporates Lightning. An advanced technology that has its cost, reached 17 euros.

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