What are the best alternatives to ProtonMail for secure email

Maintaining privacy and security when we use any account on the Internet is essential. There are many factors that can influence in one way or another and that put our equipment at risk. Undoubtedly, email is a widely used means of communication, but we do not always use it with total security. We can be victims of many attacks through these types of platforms. Therefore, there are options to encrypt conversations and avoid problems. In this article we talk about alternatives to ProtonMail to use email safely.

best alternatives to ProtonMail for secure email

Email, a widely used service

There is no doubt that using e-mail is the daily life of many private users, companies and organizations. A very common method to be in contact with third parties and to be able to work as well. We have at our disposal a wide range of options. There are many mail services that we can find for all types of devices.

Now, you have to keep in mind that something very important is always going to be security . It is true that e-mail platforms currently have more guarantees than a few years ago. Our data will be more protected and we will have fewer problems. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be bugs or leaks.

This often makes users look for alternatives to traditional e-mail services , the most popular and used. Something similar to what we can achieve by using alternative browsers, alternative social networks, etc.

One of the most popular options is ProtonMail. It is a widely used service that is mainly based on security and privacy. But we are going to see some alternatives with which we can protect our mail and be able to communicate without any risk.

Alternative services to ProtonMail

Today on the Internet we can find alternative options for almost everything. It does not matter if we are looking for a browser, a social network to communicate or any VPN program. In all cases we will have an important variety. But of course, not all of them work well and not all of them are going to maintain the same security. Hence, it is interesting to see alternatives to ProtonMail , in the event that we are interested in protecting the e-mail.


One of the most interesting alternative services to ProtonMail is Tutanota . Its maximum purpose is to maintain privacy and security, but it must be noted that it is an email platform that has a wide range of options as well.

It has a hybrid encryption system, privacy rights are protected by the GDPR and different EU regulations and also ensure that all content is properly encrypted on servers . This includes not only the emails that we send or receive, but also the contacts, the calendar or any type of information that we have.

It has all the highest standards in terms of safety. Its applications are open source, both desktop and mobile. It offers both a free and paid account. The first is limited to 1GB of space . Of course it has support for two-step authentication, which is essential today. It should be noted that it has a version for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android or iOS, in addition to the version for the browser. We can find all the information on your website .

Tutanota, alternativa a ProtonMail

Zoho Mail

Zoho is also another of the most interesting options that we can find if we are looking for an email service that is secure, always maintains privacy well and also offers guarantees of working correctly.

Something that we must highlight is that it has a series of products that can complement e-mail very well. For example they have a password manager . It also has very good protection against dangerous emails or Spam, something that will help to always keep security in mind.

Of course, it has two-step authentication , a basic today for the protection of any account. It has both a web application and also to install on the mobile and to be able to add any email account.

As is often the case with this type of service, it offers both a free and paid version. The first has 5 GB of available space, something that can be more than enough for many users who do not seek or need anything more extensive.

We can enter its official website and find there all the information regarding this e-mail service.



We cannot forget on this Mailfence list. It is an option that not only focuses on safety, but also on comfort. It offers basic features, but also others that are specifically designed to avoid problems that put our privacy at risk.

It offers support for OpenPGP encryption , in addition to RSA or ECC. It also allows you to digitally encrypt an email and two-step authentication to protect maximum security and prevent intrusion into our accounts.

The free account is 500MB. It is scarcer than the previous options, but it may be sufficient for many users. It also offers a calendar. It is therefore another alternative that we can take into account if we want a secure email other than ProtonMail. On its website we will find all the information and links to download.



Although it is less known than the others we have shown, Posteo is also a very interesting e-mail service if we want to preserve our security and privacy. It offers a high level of protection and uses PGP encryption .

It is different from other options, since for example it does not have a spam tray. That is, all e-mails go to the same folder (the main one) or are rejected by the service as dangerous or junk mail.

It is especially suitable for companies and organizations. It promises not to store information and payments are anonymous, as when creating a user account. We can see all the information on your page . As in all the previous options, you have two-step authentication.

In short, these are some alternatives to ProtonMail that we can use to have a totally secure and private email account. In this way we can communicate with both home users and with companies and organizations with full guarantee.