Best Alternatives to DuckDuckGo in Privacy and Security

Privacy has become a very important factor for users. When browsing the Internet our personal information may be compromised for multiple reasons. It is a reality that has great value and that many marketing companies are looking for ways to obtain this data and then sell it to third parties, include us in Spam lists or send us targeted advertising. However, it is also true that we can make use of multiple services and tools to protect ourselves. In this article we are going to talk about the best alternatives to DuckDuckGo to improve our privacy when searching.

Alternatives to DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is known to everyone as one of the most important Internet search engines in terms of security and privacy. However, in recent times we have seen that you have suffered some problems with the treatment and collection of the information you obtain. Many users, as has happened with many other platforms on the net, look for alternatives.

Best Alternatives to DuckDuckGo in Privacy and Security

Luckily on the Internet we have alternatives for everything and we can make use of multiple services that adapt to the tastes and needs of users. We can also use alternative search engines to DuckDuckGo to use in our day to day. The objective in this case is to improve privacy and prevent them from collecting our data.

Let’s name those that are today some interesting alternatives to DuckDuckGo. Some options that we can use to carry out our searches on the Internet, either on mobile devices or on desktops. The range of possibilities is present for everyone and we must always choose the one that interests us most.


One of the alternatives to DuckDuckGo that we can use is SearX . Its objective is to maintain the privacy of the users. It is an open source metasearch engine. It does not share the IP address of the users, nor the search history. Tracking cookies are blocked.

By default, SearX queries are sent via HTTP POST, to prevent users’ query keywords from appearing in web server logs.

It should be noted that each search result is provided as a direct link to the respective site, rather than a tracked redirect link like what Google does.



For many Qwant is the most popular alternative to DuckDuckGo. It again offers the possibility of carrying out searches without compromising our personal data . It does not track user activity and also provides some cool features, as well as music and map search services.

The legislation is within the European Union, since its headquarters are in France. This also gives us guarantees that our data will be safe and will not be compromised. We are talking about what must comply with the GDPR.



They define themselves as the most private search engine in the world. From Peekier they promise not to store user information and thus not compromise privacy.

It should be noted that it has the peculiarity of showing the results in miniature. In other words, we are going to preview the page before entering it. This logically will make the results take a little longer to appear.



StartPage is also another one of those very popular search engines. It is considered one of the best options when it comes to privacy . Its appearance and operation is very similar to that of Google or DuckDuckGo.

The objective of this option is to give control of the data to the users. They will not collect information to later sell it to third parties, or in any way compromise privacy.


Wolfram Alpha

We are facing a different search engine. In this case WolframAlpha has different sections where we can find science, mathematics, society, health … We can do more specific searches and always preserving our data.

However, more than a generic Internet search engine, it is in some way like an encyclopedia . It is more oriented to those who need to search academic terms, mainly.