9 Best Alternatives to Adobe InDesign

If you need a layout program, you probably already know Adobe InDesign, as it is one of the most popular and most complete on the market. With it we can produce layout materials very quickly, such as ads for Facebook or Instagram, brochures or banners for a website. It can also be used to lay out our novel or a thesis. But in addition to InDesign, there are also other alternatives, some of them free, which we will review below.

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What is Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is the world’s leading application for editorial design, being used by all kinds of professionals to carry out layout work. This program has a large number of functionalities with which we can tackle any type of editorial project, from the creation of magazines, newspapers or books of all kinds. This program offers all kinds of templates and settings so that it can be more accessible to us. It also has a good number of photo, video and audio formats that will help us with our layout and we will be able to export our work in formats such as Flash, JPG or PNG.

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The best alternatives to Adobe InDesign


Scribus is a powerful open source, multi-system graphic layout tool that makes it one of the great alternatives to InDesign, since it is also free. With it we can design all kinds of magazines, books, newspapers, helped by its friendly interface and the possibility of exporting to different formats for printing. It has features such as Color CMYK, ICC Color Management, Separators, as well as a complete list of options for creating PDF files, with the possibility that they may be animated or interactive.

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Scribus is a program compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems, it is translated into Spanish and can be downloaded completely free of charge from its website.


Lucidpress is positioned as an alternative to InDesign, being a completely online layout tool, with which we can create all kinds of editorial and advertising content. It has an intuitive graphical interface with the possibility of managing format, text styles and creating professional graphic effects with the help of layers and transparencies. We can also manage video and audio files for our projects and print them in PDF.

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Lucidpress is an online use program that we can access from here . It has a free version that includes 3 pages per document, 25 MB of storage, free photos and a library of basic templates. It also has a Pro version for 10 euros a month if we pay it annually in advance, or 15 euros if we pay it month by month. This version has unlimited pages, 2 GB of storage and a library of Premium templates. Plus, it enables you to print quality PDFs, custom fonts and resources, smart fields and advanced publishing and layout options.


VivaDesigner is a program that will allow us to get into digital layout and printing thanks to its ease of use, with a very well designed and accessible interface. It is very powerful and has more than 1,000 different designs of all kinds, from catalogs to price lists. Thanks to his innovative ideas, we will be able to decisively improve our work processes and document management.

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VivaDesigner has a free version that can be used for both private and commercial use and is a bit limited since it does not allow to export PDF, nor does it incorporate spell checking or the Pantone and HKMS scales. It also has a full paid version with all the features, the price of which varies depending on the area it is aimed at (Personal, Commercial, Students, Teachers …) starting from 79 euros. We can download or buy it from their website . The application is multi-system, making it compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, as well as Android and iOS mobile operating systems.


Canva is an online editing and layout program, which has all kinds of brochures, magazines and templates for designing covers, as well as images for posters. It has a clear and easy to use interface and support for decision trees, flowchart and cycle, among other templates, so that we can obtain a broadly professional result, as a clear alternative to InDesign.

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Canva has a free version that can be accessed from here . A paid Pro version is also available for 8.99 euros per month. It has more than 4 million photos and elements, more than 1000 fonts, brand kit, unlimited folders, among other functions. It also allows you to download a 30-day trial version.

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher is a professional layout software with which we can make layout for brochures, posters, books, magazines and writing materials. It is a tremendously fluid and intuitive application that will allow us to combine all kinds of graphics, texts and images to obtain completely professional results. We will be able to import and export to the most important raster and vector files, including EPS, PSD and PDF formats.

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Affinity Publisher is currently priced at 27.99 euros, although it is possible to download a 90-day trial version from this link .


Joomag is an online program with which we can design magazines, books and pages, with the possibility of adding all kinds of images to be able to lay out and share. We will be able to choose between more than 300 templates designed to help us save time and maintain the same line and coherence in the design of our creation. We can also work with all kinds of typography grids, as well as layers to manage all the graphic elements.

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Joomag has a free version , as well as different payment options, starting at 39 euros per month. With the free application we will be able to obtain a publication, more than 300 premium templates, information analysis, SEO tools, CRM and Crater Editor. It also has features like email marketing and subscription management. As it is an online tool, we can access it from its website .


SpringPublisher is a tool with which we can create all kinds of business, business and postcard cards, as well as brochures, letterheads and mail letters. We can create our works with a maximum resolution of 350 DPI . Furthermore, we can create all kinds of documents with logos, text, vector images, etc. It also incorporates a multilayer editor, as well as effects and editing tools.

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SpringPublisher has a free version that we can download from here . It also has a paid Pro version, which we can purchase for $ 23.95.


QuarkXPress is one of the oldest programs in the design and layout industry. It has an intuitive interface with which to work comfortably and has full integration with Adobe tools . We can use it to create all kinds of publications such as magazines, newspapers or newsletters. We can also make any creation that requires great image quality and attractive text.

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QuarkXPress is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS and has different payment options that start at 95 euros for students. It also has a trial version that we can download from its website .


Desygner is a very easy-to-use online image editor with which you can create digital content for your business without having great design knowledge. With this tool we can create brochures, posters, covers in a simple way since it has a very intuitive interface aimed at all types of users. It has a large number of predetermined templates that will help us efficiently with our work, and can be customized to our liking.

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Desygner has a free version that we can download from this link . It also has a Premium version for $ 9.99 a month. This version incorporates more than 10,000 additional templates, as well as the possibility to create fonts, import and edit PDFs and configure a branding kit with colors and logos.