Best Activity Bracelets from Xiaomi, Amazfit, Fitbit and more on Amazon

activity-bracelet-7After the Christmas celebrations, it is time that we all get in shape and look for a healthier version of ourselves. If you want to start quantifying the steps you take, the calories spent or your heart rate, you are in luck: today we are going to talk about the best wristbands , bands or wearables of activity that you can buy right now to measure these parameters and even some than another one Ahead.

Of course, these bracelets will not only serve to quantify the physical activity that we carry out throughout the day. They will also notify us of alarms and all kinds of warnings coming from the phone, monitor sleep or, even, some can be customized both by software and by accessories to become more than just a simple activity bracelet.

Honor Band 5

The Honor Band 5 is the best and most current Honor activity bracelet. It allows us to control, in addition to the steps, distance and pulse, blood oxygen, sleep quality or even remotely shoot the camera of our phone for a group photo.

In addition, we have a color touch screen that we can customize to our liking through watchfaces . And all this with one of the most affordable prices in the market.

EUR 29.98

Garmin Vivosmart 4

You will like this quantifying band if, in addition to counting your activity, you want to have an elegant bracelet that attracts attention.

With it we can control our activity, it has water resistance and the battery should last up to 7 full days of autonomy. In addition, the Vivosmart 4 has a number of technologies such as energy optimization and the stress meter, which allow greater customization and adapt to our lives to help us better manage our habits.

EUR 82.63

Amazfit Bip

Although the design of the Amazfit Bip is more reminiscent of the aesthetics of a smartwatch (especially that of the Apple Watch), its clear sporting aspect to measure our physical activity is what leads me to include it in this collection.

It may not be the most beautiful and elegant bets, but its most important asset does not go by design. And this device can measure all your physical activity and also (the most important and striking) is independent of the phone . This bracelet has its own integrated GPS so, you can leave the house only with it on your wrist and continue controlling the sport you are going to do.

EUR 72.90

Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 is perhaps the most elegant (and most expensive) of all the activity bracelets I am talking about today.

In addition to the usual in this type of devices, the Fitbit Charge 3 recognizes the type of exercise that we are performing automatically, it has water resistance and, also, with perhaps one of the most complete and attractive mobile applications .

If you are looking for something more elegant than professional, this is possibly your best option.

EUR 124.00

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

And what about what is probably the most popular activity bracelet of all in recent years. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is its latest version and includes improvements, compared to the previous ones, such as its AMOLED touch screen that is now available in full color or the new “swimming in pool” mode.

An easy to use device, fine, without many extravagances and that, if what you are looking for is something simple and affordable, it is the option you should choose.

EUR 31.99

These are some of the best options to evaluate if you want to start the new year well and get in shape by controlling all your steps. Some, in addition, will give you that extra dot of design that many like. But, without a doubt, the main thing is your health and your physical activity you can control it with any of these options. Which one do you prefer?