The Best Accessories to Protect the Nintendo Switch Console

One of the video game consoles that best suits the summer is Nintendo Switch since, among other things, it can be carried from one side to the other quite comfortably. This generally puts the integrity of the device at risk, so it is not a bad idea to get hold of some of the accessories that allow it to be protected from any inconvenience. We show what should be taken into account in this regard.

The truth is that thanks to the time that the console of the Japanese company has in the market, a good number of options have been launched to protect it, and also with a price that is most affordable . In this way, it is prevented from being damaged from the screens to the case itself when it is taken in the afternoon on the way to see friends or when traveling to a destination that is far away.

Best Accessories to Protect the Nintendo Switch Console

Accessories to protect the Nintendo Switch

Next, we leave different options that are designed both to increase the protection that you have when carrying the console we are talking about and, also, to make this as comfortable as possible.

Safe the screen

Here what you have to look for are protectors similar to what is used with smartphones and, the truth is, there are different possibilities that are of good quality and, also, cheap. These are the ones we recommend.

Orzly Protector

Two elements are included that fit like a glove with the screen of the Nintendo Switch console and that do not significantly reduce the image quality that is enjoyed. The thickness of the product is 0.24 millimeters, so nothing stands out when wearing the protector. Its rounded edges make it a well finished model.

Protector pantalla Orzly Protector Nintendo Switch

Syncwire Protector

This pack includes the same number of units, so you have the option of protecting the console for a long time. It supports very important impacts, such as steel balls over a meter, something that is achieved because they are made of tempered glass. The placement is simple and does not leave bubbles.

Syncwire Protector para Nintendo Switch

Protect the console itself

Here you will find possibilities that are suitable to protect other parts and options of the Nintendo Switch console without losing usability.

Mumba Cover

This is a casing that is placed on the console itself and that, being made of TUP plastic; it is perfectly to the device. Allows you to protect practically the entire casing without thereby detracting from user comfort Available in various colors, it even fits with Joy-con controls.

Funda Mumba Funda para Nintendo Switch

Venom Joy Con

If you want to avoid the wear and tear of the joystick that has the Joy-con controls of the Nintendo Switch console, this is the accessories that you should buy. It is easily placed in the upper area of the mushroom, and the truth is that even grip is added so that the response in games is better.

Fundas Venom Joy Con para Nintendo Switch

SmartPoorer Case

This option, which offers up to water resistance, is a carrying case that allows the console to be carried from one side to the other with high protection. With an attractive design as it is inspired by the Zelda Breath Of The Wild game, the model we are talking about is rigid and therefore it withstands impacts very well.

Funda SmartPoorer Funda para Nintendo Switch

iVoler Case

One of the best carrying cases for the Nintendo Switch as it offers you to go to carry even the charging base … which is always positive and, therefore, is an ideal model for long trips to carry from the connection cables to the games you have. A must have.

Funda iVoler Funda para Nint6endo Switch

iAmer Case

Another of the good possibilities to carry the Nintendo device from one side to another without many problems without especially increasing its dimensions. It includes a space to carry cables and games (for which it includes a specific tray in which there are several holes). Its color is black and it supports falls well.

Funda iAmer Funda para Nintendo Switch

Backpacks and shoulder bags for Nintendo Switch

There are also options of this type for the console of the Japanese firm and that, among other things, add great comfort to take the device on the road or to the neighbor’s house without endangering it while it is not being carried in the hands.

AOPUTTRIVER Crossbody bag

This accessory is quite interesting since it includes different spaces in which to store everything that is usually needed to use the console we are talking about. Very comfortable to use, its weight of just 300 grams ensures that the shoulder does not tire when using this product for a long time.

Bandolera AOPUTTRIVER Bandolera para Nintendo Switch

Tomtoc Backpack

If you are looking for something that is designed by and for the Nintendo Switch, this is the product that you should review. It includes high protection even against rain and the interior space that ensures that it can be carried from the console to all the important accessories such as the charging base or additional controls.

Mochila Tomtoc Mochila para Nintendo Switch

Kyrio Bag

This is a shoulder bag that has everything you need to comfortably transport the Nintendo console we are talking about, without having to carry something loud on the shoulder. It includes many interior pockets and can also be used with the Lite model of the product of the Asian firm.

Bolsa de transporte Kyrio Bolsa para Nintendo Switch