Best Accessories to Improve on Instagram: Cameras, Lights, Microphones

Best Accessories to Improve on Instagram

Nowadays with so many users creating content within Instagram it is quite difficult to stand out. A social network in which thousands of publications, stories, reels and others are uploaded every hour, is a place where you have to look for something differential with which to stand out to attract the attention of users and start following us. There are many ways to do it, but the one that we think is most interesting is to develop high-quality content . And, if you want to do this, you have to leave behind recording only with your phone to incorporate certain accessories that will improve the quality of our creations. Today we show you different interesting devices so that you have the perfect equipment to stand out on Instagram .

Will making quality content make me famous?

If this is the question that is going through your mind right now, we are sorry to tell you that you are completely wrong in every way. On the one hand, after several years of experience making publications on different social networks, we can tell you that if the only thing you are looking for is fame and money, you will end up “getting burned” sooner or later. Being a content creator requires a lot of effort and what you can see through, for example, our Instagram accounts is only the “nice” part of all the work behind it.

On the other hand, we want it to be totally clear to you that nothing is going to ensure that your profile is socially known. Deciding to create content with higher quality, better sound, better image, will only make you stand out from others who do it in any way and with any poor quality camera. Of course, not only is the audiovisual quality of your publications important, but the quality of the content itself and what it contributes to the person who is viewing it is also vitally important.

So, it is clear that it will not be the same as how a person who is browsing Instagram interacts with a post that looks and listens very well to another that is done in any way. But then there is another big part to make this work that depends only on you.

Accessories to create quality content on Instagram

Commented on the previous section, which is more important than you might think, it is time to start talking about that team that will allow us to give the highest possible image and sound quality to our followers. This “pack” will consist of cameras, lights, microphones, tripods, a series of accessories that, of course, we do not need to buy all at once. Even, we may not have to buy them all or we do not need them to be the most expensive.

For this reason, and because we understand that not all of us have the same purchasing power, we have decided to include products of all price ranges for all budgets.

Cameras for Instagram

To start off right, of course, we do it for the flagship product: the camera. And we know that the easiest thing is going to be using our own phone to take photos or record videos on Instagram. There are even many options that leave excellent results, such as the top-of-the-range models from Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi, among others. But of course, at the moment they cannot be compared to what we can capture with a camera. And of course, not everyone has the budget to get a phone with these characteristics.

A very interesting option, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, can be to get the popular GoPro action camera. Specifically, the model that we recommend is the GoPro Hero 9 black edition , the most current.

With it we will be able to record high quality video of everything that surrounds us in our environment. If you know it a little, you will know that it is an ideal device to take on a trip or to play sports with it, since it resists water and dust without any problem.

The maximum quality that it is capable of reaching is 5K with its 23.6 MP sensor. It has a lens with a large field of view typical of action cameras, to capture a lot of information about what is happening around us. This camera incorporates a rear screen to be able to move through all its options through the interface and, in addition, a small front screen in case we want to use it for vlogging and then upload it to Instagram as a summary in reels or on IGTV. If you want to know it in depth, you can take a look at our analysis on YouTube.

On the other hand, if you are not so keen on these wide-angle characteristics and you are looking for a “life-long” camera, you can opt for the Sony ZV1 , a high-quality ultra-compact.

One of the best features of this model is that it is a powershot, that is, it is directly prepared to turn it on and start shooting photos or recording. Its small size and weight allow us to take it anywhere comfortably. In addition, if we have to create content ourselves, the ZV1 incorporates a folding screen to see ourselves when we are in front of the camera.

Regarding the quality that it is capable of achieving, we can record video up to 4K at 30 fps and in 1080p at 120 fps. It has a spectacular stabilization system to capture moving shots and also, as we have in the rest of professional cameras from this manufacturer, we have flat profiles to better manage the color of our images. If you want to know a little more in depth, you can take a look at our in-depth analysis on YouTube.

Microphone for Instagram

Another section that we must take care of with a lot of same is that of the audio . The normal thing is that any user within this social network publishes everything by recording the audio directly from their own mobile phone. The truth is that many devices already incorporate high-quality mics but, once again, at the moment they are no better than some dedicated mics options.

If you have an Apple phone one of the best models that can choose you are this SHURE MV88 / A . A condenser mic that connects directly to the lightning port of your mobile, so you can start recording directly. We can dissect it to where we need it thanks to its lower joint. In its box it includes a windbreaker in case we need it in any situation.

But of course, if your phone is an Android or a “normal” camera with a 3.5mm jack, you can always opt for the equivalent, which would be the Rode VideoMic.

However, if you need a completely wireless microphone to move with absolute freedom, you can always go for the Sony ECM-W2BT . A microphone recently released by the manufacturer, which includes an emitter and a receiver. We will connect one to the camera itself and, the other, we can use it directly as a microphone, or add a tie if we wish.

Tripods and lights for Instagram

Finally, you need to give the importance it deserves to the lighting of your photos and videos that you post on Instagram. You can either opt for a system that includes a holder for the phone, if you record with it, or a separate light.

One of the most used options in social networks are the light rings , which allow us to have a very homogeneous lighting so that everything looks good. Of course, be careful with the eyes because it will not leave that characteristic white ring in our pupil.

This particular model allows us to solve this curious characteristic a bit because the support for the phone is at the bottom. In addition, we can regulate the inclination of the ring as well as its height and temperature.

However, you can always go for what is known as a spotlight or LED torch . In this model we can vary the color temperature (warmer or colder) between 3000K-6500K. It has an internal battery that we can charge through a USB-C port. And, of course, its “docking” system is the typical attachment for the camera shoe or a normal tripod thread.