The Best Accessories for the Google Nest Mini Speaker

More and more households are encouraged to have the presence of a virtual assistant. There are options for all tastes, but before making a greater outlay than is strictly necessary, it is best to approach this world, trying one of the cheaper versions of these assistants. One of the examples we have in the Google Nest Mini, a smart speaker that will offer us a first approach to the smart home.

A home can be connected little by little. You don’t need to make a large down payment. Buying a smart speaker like the Google Nest Mini can be a first approach. Thanks to this device, we will be able to count on help 24 hours a day, with precise information about the weather, the news and almost everything that comes to mind. We will only have to ask for it. In this way we can consult the agenda, request information about travel, check reminders or set timers and alarms.

Best Accessories for the Google Nest Mini Speaker

Complements to the assistant

Once our Google assistant is perfectly configured, we may want to go one step further and start providing it with accessories and complements that enhance its functions or allow us to play with its location in the house. Thanks to its priceless voice recognition and that it is made of resistant fabric, the Nest Mini supports almost everything. There is therefore a whole universe of accessories, which in many cases we do not know that they exist and that they are created for this device.

Altavoz Nest Mini

In the list that we will leave you below, we will have accessories that will only serve as a complement to the design or location of the device, but we will also show you gadgets that will enhance all its functions and will make our home a more fun, comfortable or even safer place. All of them have an excellent quality / price ratio and in some cases we can buy them taking advantage of a temporary discount.

Accessories for the Google Nest Mini

Wall bracket

Many users have trouble choosing the proper location for this device. If you are one of those who does not like to see things in any way, it is possible that this wall mount will fix your woes. This wall mount requires no holes or screws, so the speaker can be easily installed in the kitchen , bedroom, living room, and anywhere.

Soporte de pared para Google Home Mini

UNEEDE WiFi Switch

Very useful and economical timing mode that allows you to control all your appliances in your hand at any time and from anywhere. This switch is designed to save energy at home, by being able to turn your devices on and off in advance or delay them anytime, anywhere. Compatible with the Nest Mini, it can be controlled with the «Smart Life» application, you can control it with your mobile or tablet.

UNEEDE Interruptor WiFi

SciuU, Universal wall mount

Here we have a slightly different option to the previously seen, but equally comfortable. It is perfect for any room in the house, and also offers a plus of security when posing our assistant. Attaches using powerful 3M double-sided tape and can be installed on almost all vertical surfaces. This means that you do not need screws.

sciuU Soporte de Pared Universal

Smart WiFi Switch

Another perfect addition to the Nest Mini is this WiFi wall switch that can be used to control lights or appliances. It is fully tactile and features LED backlighting to make it easy for the user to find and turn on the light easily at night . It is made with flame resistant ABS housing and tempered glass panel that guarantees good durability.

Smart WiFi Switch

Chora, mounting bracket

There is nothing written on the wall brackets, this vertical bracket is different from the one we have seen before. In this case the microphone and loudspeaker are exposed to the outside. It is ideal for hiding cables, as it allows the power cable to be wrapped around the slot and hidden neatly in the back of the bracket. It is a very inexpensive product but a perfect accessory for our assistant.

chora Soporte de Montaje en Pared

Longgaohui Support

Another different support but with the aim of hiding all possible cables and making the Nest Mini more pleasing to the eye. Once again it is perfect for any room and the cables can be wound very easily. Nor will it be necessary to drill holes in the wall.

Longgaohui Soporte

Smart Plug Gosund

One of the perfect complements for virtual assistants is the possibility of controlling the energy of the house through smart plugs . This Gosund Smart Plus, allows you to connect home devices in the smart socket with Gosund application. The gadget allows you to create a group for all WiFi outputs and turn them on and off with a single click

Smart Plug Gosund

KeyEntre – Guard station

Possibly one of the most original camouflage add-ons designed for the Google Nest Mini. This owl-shaped support station is perfect for keeping the assistant’s discretion. It is made of quality materials and serves as a decorating element for any room. It is a bestseller on Amazon and has no less than 4.8 stars out of 5 in the score given by users.

KeyEntre - Estación de guardia

KIWI design Metal Hook

Another support different from what is seen and totally discreet. It is manufactured is made of high quality metal, which is more durable in use and offers a minimalist design that makes it easy to use and provides an attractive decoration for all rooms in the house. If you opt for this model, the manufacturer recommends letting it rest for 24 hours before hanging our Nest Mini.

KIWI design Gancho de Metal

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

A perfect option to save energy at home by taking advantage of our Nest Mini. This smart thermostat studies the temperature you prefer when you are at home and lowers it when you are away, as it learns from our usage patterns. It is even capable of turning off the hot water if you are away for several days. From our mobile we can change the temperature and check how much heating we use from anywhere.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat