Best 5 apps to regulate the sound of your mobile

Any self-respecting smartphone has two buttons on one of its sides to increase or decrease the volume. The problem is that with them the only thing we can do is adjust the general volume of the device, something that may not be enough. Luckily, there are apps that allow us to adjust how our phone sounds almost to the millimeter.

As I say, there are many values of the sound of a smartphone that, with only two buttons, it is impossible to have to our liking. It may happen that the bass is too intense to listen to our usual podcasts, or even that we do not like the volume of some application. For this reason, we bring you 5 totally free applications that you can use to configure the sound of your mobile “à la carte”.

Best 5 apps to regulate the sound of your mobile

Volume Booster EQ

Volume Booster EQ is one of the best applications that we can find to control the sound of our phone. Thanks to it we can enhance the sound of our device for those situations in which we are with a lot of environmental noise, in addition to allowing us to do the same with Bluetooth headphones or devices.

Volume Booster EQ

Volume Booster EQ.

It has a complete equalizer ideal for music , and it is compatible with practically all the players and games that you can install on your mobile. Its interface is also very attractive, but at the same time very simple to use.

sound equalizer

This is one of the simplest applications that we are going to find on this list, but at the same time it is also one of the ones that gives us more options for sound. With it we will be able to reinforce the sound of the basses, enhance the loudness, maximize the sound of telephone calls and create several pre-settings to be able to select between them according to the use that we are going to give it.

Ecualizador de sonido

Sound equalizer.

If we don’t want to stop at configuring the sound ourselves, we also have the possibility of choosing one of its 10 pre-loaded modes , each one designed to enhance the sound of a different style of music. In addition, its interface uses Google’s You Material, hence the impression of being a native Google application.

Volume Styles

Volume Styles offers us a large number of customization options, not only for the sound, but for its own interface. We can add color or RGB effects to all its controls, as well as a dark mode available.

Volume Styles

Volume Styles.

We will be able to separately adjust both the volume and the sound itself of practically every aspect of our phone, such as the ringtone, the alarms, the system or all the multimedia that we play on it. It has a premium version, but the free version already allows us to do almost everything (although with advertising).


Ultra Volume is designed to fully integrate with your phone , and thanks to it we will be able to control the sound of our mobile from the same place, and without having to open the application once we have it configured.

Ultra Volume

Ultra Volume.

Do you want to increase the volume of notifications without increasing the general volume? Ultra Volume can do it. What do you want the alarm to sound much louder than default? You can too. Its interface can also be fully customized .

Audio Profiles

We close this list with an application that has fewer configuration options than the previous ones, but that had to be on this list for a simple reason: what it does, it does very well. Thanks to it we will be able to establish different audio configurations and program them so that we don’t have to worry completely.

perfiles de audio

Audio profiles.

From this application it is also possible to set ringtones for each contact, and even configure the messaging applications so that some have sound and others do not . Ideal if you use WhatsApp only for work, for example.