Belkin TrueFreedom PRO, Why Doesn’t it Work with the iPhone 12?

Belkin TrueFreedom PRO

Belkin joined the manufacturers who have achieved what Apple could not: create a multiple wireless charging base where it really does not matter in what position and area you leave your device to be charged. The only problem is that if you are thinking of getting the Belkin TrueFreedom PRO and using it with your new iPhone 12, we have to tell you that you won’t be able to.

Maximum freedom with the new Belkin charging base

Belkin has always been one of the most important manufacturers when it comes to creating accessories for Apple devices. Without going any further, their screen protectors are one of the best sellers within the Apple Store and other resellers. However, with their latest proposal it is seen that they have not been able to do much further and it is not compatible with the iPhone 12.

The Belkin TrueFreedom PRO is an interesting multi-wireless charging base designed to charge two devices at the same time with a power of 10 W for each. Although the most striking thing is that, as Apple promised with its AirPower despite never seeing the light, you can place them anywhere that they will charge the same.

That is, it is not like other multiple bases where there are certainly a series of areas where you must leave the device to charge. Here, thanks to the use of 16 coils, the position of the device, whatever it is, does not matter. And this if you have used the odd multiple and even individual base, you will know that it is something very positive, because if it is not perfectly aligned, the load stops being efficient or directly does not start.

Not suitable for iPhone 12 users

Well, this that makes the Belkin TrueFreedom such an attractive base will not be able to be used by users who have one of the new iPhone 12. But none of them, not the normal, nor the Pro, Pro Max and even mini . The reason? Well, it is not clear if it is due to the new MagSafe connector, but the truth is that the manufacturer itself indicates that it is not a model of wireless charging dock compatible with new generations of iPhone. Only if you have an Apple phone that ranges from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 and second-generation iPhone SE can.

So, we’re sorry to say that your brand new iPhone 12 looks good. And if you even have one of the compatible models at the moment, you still shouldn’t opt for this multiple base and look at other options on the market. Because if in the future you decide to update your terminal with one of the current ones or any other that presumably will continue to maintain the new MagSafe connector, you will have an accessory that costs around 130 euros useless .

However, if you use Android devices and other accessories such as True Wireless headphones with a wireless charging case, it could be a great option. Because, in addition, it is a quite elegant base with that black touch for the upper part and metallic edge in a glossy finish.