Before Buying a Gaming Headphone: What Should You Look at

If you are thinking of buying new gaming headphones , you will see that there are so many different models on the market and with such a wide price range that the choice may be difficult for you. For this reason, in this article we are going to give you a series of tips to help you choose the gaming headphones that best suit your needs and thus ensure that you are successful in purchasing.

First of all, you must bear in mind that this is not set in stone, that is, each user is different and therefore has different needs. This means that what you are going to read below are general advice so that you can buy the headphones that best adapt to what you need, but we are not going to talk about specific models since we often do comparisons for that.

Before Buying a Gaming Headset

With that said, let’s go there.

Set yourself a budget and don’t go over it

When choosing not a gaming headset but any product, you should set yourself a maximum budget and not go beyond it under any circumstances. What is the maximum budget for headphones is something that you and only you must decide, although we can tell you that if you intend to have a minimum of audio quality and comfort you should think of devices of more than 30 euros as a minimum, since below Although you can find interesting models of this price brand (especially if you see a good offer), they are generally built with cheap and low-quality materials, and then you end up regretting it.

We are looking for headphones that are not only good quality and provide you with a good audio experience, but also that are durable.

What type of gaming headphones are best for you?

As you know, in terms of form factor we have three types of headphones, while in terms of the design of the headband -in case of having it- there are two main types, so it is important to know how to choose the ones that best suit what you want. you need.

In terms of form factor, we already tell you that you should rule out in-ear headphones because due to the small size of their speakers, only the highest-end models provide a good audio experience, and with everything and with that almost none will provide insulation from outside noise. If it is a gaming headset, you should look for circumaural headphones (that surround the ear) since the supraaurals end up causing discomfort when used for a long time in a row, something that happens frequently in gaming sessions.

Estructura auriculares gaming

That said, we are left to see the type of headband, which can be adaptable or pendant. As a general rule, adaptive headbands are usually quite comfortable because you simply adjust them to the size of your head and you do not have to touch them again. The problem of this type is that especially when the headphones are new, the ear muffs tend to put too much pressure on the head since the more you open the headband, the more the “circumference” closes. As time goes by this attenuates, of course.

For its part, the hanging headbands automatically adapt to the size of the user’s head, and are also very comfortable. The downside of these is that they tend to put more pressure on the top of the head than the adaptive headband headphones, and this doesn’t fade over time.

Auriculares gaming SteelSeries

So, when buying your new gaming headphones we recommend that they be circumaural, and whether you want them with an adjustable or hanging headband depends on your preferences.

Surround or stereo sound, what kind to buy?

Many gamers greatly appreciate surround sound for games, as they mark a competitive advantage especially in FPS games because of the positional sound, which allows you to hear where the enemies are. The reality is that in the end not many people use surround sound, especially if you have to turn it on and off by hand.

It provides a competitive advantage in some cases, yes, and in fact in some movies and others they are also capable of delivering much more immersive sound. The downside of this is that it depends on how the surround audio engine has been developed, in many headphones it is not too good and in the end it is counterproductive.


For this reason, we recommend that unless you go for a very high-end gaming headphone model, your purchase option should be stereo or, at least, that it allows you to easily enable and disable surround audio.

The microphone, something to consider when buying a gaming headset?

As always, it will depend on the use you intend to give it. Almost all gaming headphones, by definition, come with a built-in microphone that will allow you to play online with your friends and communicate at the same time through software such as Discord or Team Speak. It is good that with any microphone you will be able to communicate with your friends, and for this almost anyone will serve you.

Now, if you want to have some more advanced features not only for your friends to hear you well but also for your comfort, you should look for features such as the auto-mute function when raising the rod or that it has a cancellation system noise, something especially interesting if, in addition to playing, you want headphones to stream.

Sennheiser DSP500 auriculares gaming

What we mean by this is that if you are going to use the microphone during your games, it is another aspect that you should take into account when buying your gaming headphones.