Become a Zombie in Warzone: the Infected Zones Arrive

Things have gotten pretty ugly in Verdansk, and now operators arriving in the war zone are suffering from a series of infections caused by inhaling a strange gas. The result? If you are defeated you become a zombie, however, you have to meet certain requirements to achieve it. What do you choose?

Become a Zombie in Warzone

As expected, a new zombie event has arrived in Warzone , and we are not referring to a new outbreak of the undead (which too), but the possibility of becoming one. This is exactly what happens if you visit certain areas of the map, as the freighter and the prison have become contaminated areas.

You just have to take a look at the map to see that two red circles have appeared in these areas. This indicates the presence of a gas that will gradually subtract energy points from you until you are completely flat, in the same way that gas at the limits of the map area would. The novelty is that if you end up knocked down and die completely, you will automatically redeploy again, but with a peculiarity: now you are a zombie.

What can a zombie do?

If you die in Warzone, you could become a zombie

The moment you become a zombie you will be deployed with your companions. You should fall flat on the map, but do not worry about hitting the ground, remember that you are already dead. As a zombie, you can perform super long jumps, throw gas grenades and detonate EMPs, so you can make everyone around you quite nervous.

If you die in Warzone, you could become a zombie

To become a zombie you must die asphyxiated by the gas from the infected areas, and you must also play group games, either in foursomes, trios or pairs, but never individually, or else the mode is not activated.

In flat game, you can be a zombie anytime you want, but a partner can revive you as a human if they buy your redeployment. In the event that you prefer to live the life of the zombie, you will only have to go back to an infected area to die again from the gas and appear once more as a zombie.

There is less to the end of the map

As we could see in a promotion sent to some Warzone influencers, the final event of the season will take place on the 21st , so the current situation of the infected and the map should come to an end in the next days. The new point of infection has moved to the dam, where precisely the enigmatic note sent to the influencers pointed out as the area where the latest events will take place. The nuclear bombardment is about to be activated, so you better keep an eye out and do not lose detail of everything that is happening in Verdansk.