be quiet! The best heatsink for each type of PC and processor

There are currently so many brands and models of heat sinks on the market, that it is often difficult to choose the model that best suits your needs. In this article we are going to talk about your PC and the different scenarios in which you are going to use it, and for this we are going to take advantage of the wide catalog of cooling products from be quiet! to recommend what would be the best heatsink to cover all your needs.

The catalog of refrigeration products from be quiet! is extremely broad, ranging from low-profile heatsinks to complete liquid cooling AIO kits, so you’ll always be able to find a product from the brand that suits your needs . However, such a wide catalog can lead to doubts about which is the most suitable model for you, so below we are going to make our personal recommendations in this regard to try to dispel any type of doubt.

The best heatsink for each type of PC and processor

The best heatsink of be quiet! according to the range of your PC

We are going to start with the recommendations depending on what range your PC belongs to, or rather what type of hardware you have and what you use it for. It would be wrong to install a low-performance heatsink on a computer with a very powerful processor, just as it would be absurd to install a top-of-the-range heatsink if your PC has a low-power CPU, right? Let’s see it.

Basic or office PC

We are dealing with a basic or entry-level range, a PC that is generally not required much and is used to surf the Internet, to do homework or study, watch YouTube or even some simple games such as Minecraft, Among Us, League of Legends or CS:GO. Many people choose this type of computer because they have a low budget, or simply because their needs do not go beyond this. In this case, what would be the most recommended be quiet! heatsink?

be quiet Pure Rock 2

Our option is the Pure Rock 2 , an ideal heatsink for processors with contained consumption due to its excellent performance / price ratio. This heatsink is capable of servicing and maintaining good temperatures without problems for processors from the Intel Core i3 and AMD Ryzen 3 ranges, and even many Core i5 and Ryzen 5 models as long as they are not Overclocked.

Mid-range and undemanding gaming PC

In this case, we are already dealing with a PC that is required to have good performance because it is used for more advanced applications (including video editing, for example) or for more demanding games, such as Elden Ring. In this range of PCs, the user seeks to play at 60 FPS or more, and therefore the chosen hardware is more powerful and generates more heat, so the dissipation needs are higher.

be quiet Shadow Rock 3

In this case, we recommend the be quiet! Shadow Rock 3 , a much more solvent heatsink than the previous one and that is capable of keeping processors with higher TDP, such as overclocked Core i5 or non-overclocked Core i7, as well as overclocked Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7, at a good temperature no overclock. Within what we can consider a “reasonable purchase”, this heatsink again offers an excellent performance / price ratio.

High-end and top-of-the-range PC

For this last category we are already facing TOP hardware, the best of the best, which is what users who want to play triple A games to the fullest choose, as well as for users who require advanced video recording or editing functions in real time. . The processor chosen in this type of equipment is usually top of the range (or almost, at least) and generates much more heat than in the previous categories, so it is important to choose a suitable heatsink.

be quiet Dark Rock Pro 4

In this case, the recommendation is twofold: we would recommend you get a be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 if you prefer air cooling, or the 360mm Silent Loop 2 AIO Kit if you prefer a liquid cooling kit. In both cases, these heatsinks can keep the heat generated by the most “greedy” processors on the market at bay without any problem, keeping them at a good temperature and allowing you to get the most out of them.

What if you are looking for something else? be quiet! also have sink for you

Not everything has to do with the range of your hardware, and be quiet! They also have some specific options for other types of needs. For example, you may not care as much about cooling performance as long as your heatsink is as quiet as possible, or you may have a small form factor computer and have a special need for heatsink size, so Let’s see it this way too.

The best heatsink if you are looking for silence

If you’re a fan of silent computing, then you probably won’t mind the processor running a bit hotter than normal as long as the heatsink doesn’t make any noise. And this is no longer just for lovers of silence, but may have to do with specific needs such as having a PC in the living room and not wanting to disturb those around you.

Silent Loop 2 Portada

For this type of use, we would recommend either the be quiet! Shadow Rock 3 or the AIO Silent Loop 2 kit, since in both cases they would be oversized heatsinks in terms of performance, which added to the fact that they come with very, very quiet fans from the factory, will result in silent operation at all times.

small form factor

There are many users who prefer their PC to occupy as little space as possible, and in this regard there is hardware in SFF (small form factor) format or SFX format that occupies the minimum essential space. This can be as much by choice as by necessity, since not everyone has a lot of space on the desk to place a large PC case, but the fact is that in any case you will need a small heatsink.

be quiet Shadow Rock LP

The sink of be quiet! The one we recommend for this case would be the Dark Rock TF 2 or the Shadow Rock LP , low-profile heatsinks that you generally won’t have any problems installing in small-format cases, but maintaining a good level of thermal performance and silence.

The best heatsink of be quiet! if you are looking for aesthetics and style

There are many users who are simply looking to have a striking aesthetic on their PC, but of course without giving up good performance. There are also users who simply do not want to have a huge air cooler that covers almost the entire motherboard and, therefore, prefer to have a liquid cooling kit to be able to show off their powerful equipment through the side window that almost all of them have. PC cases incorporate.

Silent Loop 2 360

For these cases, the best heatsink from be quiet! that you can buy is found in the Dark Rock Series , a range of very elegant black color heatsinks that undoubtedly attract attention just for that. You also have the option of the Shadow Rock 3 if you like the aesthetics in white, as well as the Silent Loop 2 AIO liquid cooling kit if what you prefer is, as we mentioned a moment ago, not to cover the motherboard with a huge air sink.

As you can see, there are many options that a manufacturer like be quiet! gives you within its refrigeration catalog, and now depending on your tastes and needs you will know which is the best option for you. However, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments and we will be happy to solve them.