The Battery Problem on the iPhone 12 5G. How to Lower the Price?

2020 promises to be a very busy year for Apple. After becoming the most valuable company on the market, it is about to present its new iPhone, the first compatible with 5G networks in its history. However, this may be more bad news than good news for the brand’s customers.

Battery Problem on the iPhone 12 5G. How to Lower the Price?

Given that production costs are higher due to the inclusion of 5G hardware in this year’s iPhone 12 series, Apple is looking to reduce these costs in order not to have to force its users to spend too much. elevated (ha!). To achieve this, it is trying to use less expensive components in other areas or, in other words, cheaper components.

According to the famous analyst Ming-chi Kuo, who specializes in everything to do with Apple and its products, the company would have looked at its batteries to reduce production costs. Bad news if we take into account that, precisely the battery, has always been the great weak point of all Apple phones. Be that as it may, Kuo claims that Apple is reducing the number of layers on the battery board and placing the cell components in a smaller area.

pegamento bateria iphone 7

Cheaper… and worse quality?

This decision will result in a battery plate that, according to the data we handle, would be between 40 and 50% cheaper than the same part that we can find today in the iPhone 11. That, added to other changes in its design would imply adding another 30% additional savings to the development of these iPhone 12 batteries .

On paper this should not affect the autonomy of the batteries but in the long run we do not know if it could cause power failures in the device. You know, “the cheap in the end is expensive” .

Other strategies that the brand will follow to continue lowering the price of its phones is the decision not to include the mobile charger or the headphones in the box. Of course it seems that Apple is doing what it can to reduce costs in all areas but, personally, give me an iPhone 12 with a good battery and all its accessories before a 5G smartphone without these features for more than 1200 euros.

This year’s iPhones are expected to be available in October, a few weeks later than usual, though it’s unclear whether Apple will stick with its traditional September announcement. Be that as it may, those from Cupertino are often found in a garden.