Backpacks and carrying cases for PS5: compatible models

Backpacks and carrying cases for PS5

PS5 hit the market in November 2020 and it did so with Sony putting very few units on sale. So if you are one of the lucky ones who has obtained one, it is not the time to spoil it due to unsafe transport in a plastic bag. So to avoid disappointment, we have decided to bring five alternatives that will allow you to go and come with your machine wherever you want with the maximum possible reliability.

How should the ideal transport bag be?

With the scarcity of consoles on the market, that custom that we have enjoyed so much here of going to friends’ houses to spend the afternoon, having some pizzas for dinner and watering everything down with an endless session of FIFA games or the game that be. The problem with this shortage is that since we have few colleagues around who have a PS5, it is always up to us to carry ours and, as the weekends go by, it becomes more clear that we are going to need a transport bag to travel from one place to another . Now, what do we need to look for in the model that we are going to buy?

  • Security: it is the essential element of any transport bag, so we must look for a model that guarantees us that in the event of any slight blow to the console, it will not be damaged. For this reason, this aspect will mark our decision in practically 100% of the cases, unless we prioritize and positively value another virtue of this type of accessory, such as…
  • Ease of transport: each user is a world and we cannot be exhaustive about what the majority will want, but it is certain that there is a type of gamer who, when carrying his PS5 on his back, prefers that the bag be manageable, that it can be easily handled and that the grip and drag systems are comfortable, especially when we walk down the street, on public transport, etc. For these cases, nothing like a compact model, with the right compartments to carry the essentials and little else.

PS5 carrying backpack compartments.

  • Many pockets and compartments: this third feature is especially interesting for those users who carry everything they have at home with them every time they move their PS5, so a lot of space is needed to store everything. This is the case, not only with the console, the controls or the cables, but with its entire collection of games in physical format and even other accessories such as chargers for the controls, supports, etc. In these cases, it is important to look for a global alternative, which gets us out of trouble when we want to carry everything in the same transport bag.
  • Price: obviously we cannot ignore the amount that we are going to spend and that will depend on the budget that we are willing to invest. In this case, we will have more or less cheap options and depending on the three previous points, we will have to opt for one or the other.

What are the best PS5 carrying bags or cases?

First of all, it must be said that in the case of the five bags that we have selected, they are all compatible with both the digital-only PS5 model and the standard one that comes with a Blu-ray player and a small hump on one of its sides that make it a little thicker. So do not fear for the bag that you are going to buy that as long as it is a PlayStation 5, you will have a place to store it. These are, in any case, the five models that we have selected for you:


PS5 Frusde carrying bag.

This model comes prepared to carry the console, its cables, a couple of Dual Sense and even games but, yes, without a box, since we will have to store the discs in the small compartments that it incorporates. As exclusive details, this bag is waterproof and offers decorative PS5 motifs that make it different, both in the pocket and on the strap.


PS5 Khanka carrying bag.

This model has a good capacity, not only does it allow us to carry the console, a couple of controls, cables and games, but it also has a small space for accessories, such as charging bases, console support, etc. Its main feature is that the entire interior is made of a compound called HARD EVA and that protects both the console and the accessories from shocks. Of course, of the games we can only transport the discs and their design is a bit… vintage?


PS5 Lichifit carrying bag.

We are facing the most compact and transportable model of all , but no less useful for that. With this model we can carry the console, the cables, a Dual Sense and up to six discs that we can store in the front compartment. Its main characteristic is the manageability and ease of transport for those cases that you want to carry the PS5 in (almost) backpack mode.


PS5 Vniqloo carrying bag.

This model is designed to practically carry the house on our backs since we can fit the console, a couple of controls, cables, games (only the disk) in the central compartment and even the support to place the console on the table more safely. . Its interior is prepared to withstand blows and protect everything that we carry in it, so it is a very, very interesting model (and with the corporate blue color of Sony).


PS5 Lelukee carrying bag.

This model has space to carry the console and pockets to store the controls, cables and other accessories, although its design does not include, as in other cases, specific holes for each thing. It is a bag for more anarchic users who some days want to carry more things than others and who can use the backpack according to their needs. The front pocket, according to the manufacturer, is the best anti-impact system in case of possible problems.

What is our recommendation?

As we have told you before, each gamer is a world and their needs are practically exclusive and that is why your decision could differ significantly from ours since, in this order, from El Output we prioritize security, capacity and lastly the ease of transport. We find it essential that both the console and the accessories can withstand a bad blow accidentally received, so that feature seems essential to us. Obviously it is not less important that the chosen model has the capacity to take everything from one place to another and that this process is simple and comfortable, especially if we are going to carry it on our backs.

If you prioritize security, capacity and order inside the bag, then you should opt for the Vniqloo or Khanka models, although if the most important thing for you is ease of transport with a more compact model, nothing like a pure backpack format and hard like Lichifit which is cheaper on top. Finally, both the Lelukee and the Frusde offer an intermediate point where the order is not as relevant but they are somewhat more manageable and with enough space to carry everything you need along with our precious PS5. My treasure!