How to avoid theft in applications like Uber

Nowadays it is very common to use mobile applications where our bank and card details are present. We can make purchases, use some services and pay automatically, send and receive money … Now, these applications can sometimes suffer vulnerabilities, have problems or simply have a fraudulent program installed. This could be a serious problem for our security and privacy. In this article we will explain how to protect ourselves from theft in applications like Uber .

Theft in applications like Uber, a present problem

Keep in mind that this is a problem that is present today. We have seen cases in which different platforms have been hacked in order to steal data from victims or even control their bank accounts.

A last case has recently taken place in Uber , hence we put it as an example. One user of the application saw that money had been stolen from her account through this platform. It appeared as if he had used Uber but it really wasn’t. Basically, what happened was that there were intruders who were using the application on their behalf.

Seguridad en Internet

But this problem is not exclusive to Uber, far from it. On other occasions we have seen similar cases in which users on the Internet have had problems with their accounts and have seen how they have stolen bank data . This is something that obviously violates our privacy and security. A problem that can generate confusion and doubts when using applications of this type.

How to prevent theft in applications like Uber

For this reason in this article we wanted to give a series of tips to avoid problems of this type. We will give some recommendations so that our data is always safe. A series of generic points to consider.

Install official applications and from secure sites

Something essential whenever we want to preserve our security and privacy is to install applications only from official sources . We must avoid downloading software from third-party websites or platforms that may not be as safe as we would like.

It is through fraudulent applications or add-ons that one of the methods used by cybercriminals to steal our data and credentials has been modified.

Keep the programs updated

Of course those programs have to be updated correctly . Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. It is vital that we always install the latest patches and versions that are available. This way we can deal with these security flaws.

Create strong passwords

It is very important to avoid intruders in the accounts. For this, something basic is to create passwords that are strong and complex . We must avoid putting words or numbers that relate to us. The keys must be completely random, unique and contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols.

Use two-step authentication

To avoid possible intruders beyond using strong passwords, we must also use two-step authentication whenever possible. More and more platforms support it and that is essential to prevent the entry of intruders. This way even if they have our password they could not enter without that second step.

Check our cards and use prepaid

We must also control our cards , see that there are no additional payments or strange things that may indicate that someone has accessed our Uber account or similar. Our advice, whenever possible, is to use prepaid cards. In this way, in case of theft, they will only take away the money we have put in to make certain payments.

Keep the system safe and updated

Of course we must also access from secure and updated systems . On the one hand it is vital to have security tools that protect us when it comes to browsing and using this type of platform. But it is also vital that they are updated and thus have no security problems.

Do not open our accounts in public places

One last tip is to avoid accessing our accounts on public computers. We do not know if our data can be compromised and that hackers access that information. The same should apply with wireless networks.