How to avoid Google’s ReCAPTCHA when browsing the Internet

When browsing the Internet, it is common that on certain pages we have to verify that we are not a bot . They basically serve to let that site know that there really is a person behind a device that is trying to navigate. We can see the typical square with different images and we have to select what they ask of us. For example, click on all the ships that appear, all the cars, etc. This can be exasperating as it is a waste of time. We are going to show some tools that avoid this in both Chrome and Firefox.

What is Google ReCAPTCHA and what is it for?

avoid Google's ReCAPTCHA when browsing the Internet

Google’s ReCAPTCHAs are designed to verify that a particular site is being used normally. Developers want to prevent bots from gaining access and may even compromise proper operation. Let’s think about a lot of requests hitting a page, which could cause.

This can appear regardless of the browser we are using. It is not something that comes out every time we enter a page, far from it. In fact, it is common when we access a site many times in a row or enter a specific section for the first time.

If we focus on the main browsers nowadays, which are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, we can find some add-ons that help facilitate the filling of ReCAPTCHA . What they do is automatically solve what they ask of us and thus save time.

How to bypass Google’s ReCAPTCHA in Chrome

First of all we are going to talk about the Google browser. There are some extensions that we can install for free and that help us solve these ReCAPTCHAs that appear when we visit a web page and waste time by filling them in.


We can say that Buster is the most popular Google Chrome plugin for this purpose. It is in fact the highest rated of all similar extensions. Its mission is very simple: save time and avoid users having to do ReCAPTCHA while browsing.

But does it really make them go away? It is not exactly that. What this software does is solve them automatically . They will appear, but we will not have to do them manually. This is achieved through audio recognition. Keep in mind that we can not only solve them by pressing the images that indicate us, but also through an audio.

We can download it from the official Google Chrome store. At the time of writing this article, it has just released its new version, after an update to optimize performance and make it work as well as possible.

Evitar el ReCAPTCHA de Google

reCAPTCHA Autoclick

This extension is used to check the box where they tell us to verify that we are not a robot. It is really simple, since in this case you do not have to click on numerous images, but simply check that corresponding box and click on accept so that it can verify us.

What it basically does is check that box automatically and click. It is time that we save, since we will not have to do this process manually. Everything speeds up, which is very positive if we are a user who surfs the Internet for many hours and needs to do this step many times.

Once again, we can download reCAPTCHA Autoclick from the official browser store. There we will also see more information about it, as well as the assessment of other users who have previously tried it.

reCAPTCHA v3, nuevo servicio de Google para verificar al navegar

Captcha Solutions

One more option is Captcha Solutions . What this extension seeks is to prevent the user from having to fill in the ReCAPTCHAs when browsing the Internet. This work is done automatically and in this way helps to save time when entering a website.

Keep in mind that this add-on is free, but it has limitations. If we want it to solve many ReCAPTCHA and use it without limits, we will have to install the Pro version, which in this case is paid. As in the previous cases, we can access the official Chrome store and download the add-on there.

How to block ReCAPTCHA in Firefox

In the same way that we have seen that there are extensions to solve Google’s ReCAPTCHAs in the Chrome browser, we will also find add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. Thus, users who use this also popular browser will also be able to save time when visiting web pages.

ReCaptcha Solver

One of the most popular is ReCaptcha Solver . We can download it for free from the Mozilla Firefox add-on store. It will automatically take care of solving these requests that will appear when entering a website and having to verify that we are not a bot .

Its operation is simple and we will not have to do anything else. We just have to make sure that it is installed correctly and it will start to do its job without requiring our interaction.

Nueva versión de reCAPTCHA v3


As we saw in the case of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox also has the Buster extension to resolve ReCAPTCHA automatically. It works very well, as indicated by the positive ratings that users have left in the official browser store.

The first thing we have to do is install it in the browser. It will automatically start working and will help us not waste time when we enter a website and it asks us to verify that we are not a bot . Once it starts working, we won’t have to take any further action.

Our advice is that all these extensions that we have seen we install them from official sources. Ideally, go to the extension store for both Chrome and Firefox and add the add-ons from there. This will prevent us from installing an extension that may be fraud or has been maliciously modified to steal data.

In short, we can make use of add-ons with which to avoid having to fill in the annoying Google ReCAPTCHA constantly when we surf the net. They are used to verify that we are a real user and not a bot, but these add-ons will prevent us from fixing it manually.