How to avoid echo in mobile calls: Why does it happen?

For some time we have been more and more users who use mobile phones for many things, not just to make calls. But, it is clear that it is still something key and we cannot ignore one of the failures that most affect this mode of communication, the problematic echo. It is an acoustic phenomenon that we have all suffered at some point on certain occasions, and although it can be punctual, it can also become a serious problem if it occurs constantly on our mobile.

This situation means that the receiver of the call cannot hear us well, receiving sound waves with a delay on what we have mentioned and making it impossible to continue with the conversation in many cases. Although it may seem like an old bug, today in modern smartphones we continue to suffer from it, since advances in software have little to do with it.

avoid echo in mobile calls

Why it happens?

There are different reasons that can lead to us having to suffer this failure in our telephone conversations, causing the mobile to be heard poorly. As much as we have tried to find out what it is, here we leave you the most common cases. And, later, the different solutions.

The room echoes

The most common thing that may be happening to us is that we find ourselves in an inappropriate place for the telephone , such as a space where the sound bounces easily, something that can also be found in rooms where there is no type of furniture that they bring audio waves and continuously bouncing. This situation affects a person-to-person conversation and much more on the smartphone since the waves continue to bounce and affect the investment tenths of a second later.

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To prevent this from happening again, all we have to do is open the door or the windows and even if the area has this type of noise, it will decrease significantly. If it is very large, we always have to change rooms or even go outside since it is the place where the least bounce occurs and where the echo problem in calls will surely not be repeated under any circumstances.

Hands free fault

Another of the main causes of suffering from this on mobile phones is usually in the hands-free, when we activate the stereo speaker of our mobile and stop having the microphone so close to our mouth, the sound has to travel through the air until it reaches it. , causing the waves to disperse and cause confusion in our words. This doesn’t happen all the time and may appear more often in places that meet the situations we’ve mentioned above and are prone to audio reflections.

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If we are suffering from this situation, all we have to do is deactivate the hands-free and use it as we normally do. However, in a situation when being in the car, it will be necessary to continue using it like this. Some mid-range smartphones and almost all high-end smartphones already have more microphones that pick up noise and are capable of identifying it to reduce it so that it does not affect our telephone conversations so much.

The microphone is damaged

As we have mentioned before, we can use headphones to check if the error is in the microphone of the mobile, as long as we have already tried to change rooms, go outside and get away from the most possible scenarios for the effect of the waves. sound on calls. Once we know that the microphone is the problem , we can choose to try a software update, entering the settings, although this will be the cause a little more often.

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In most cases, failures with the microphone have to do with a blow, which may have moved some internal component of the place and this has ended up causing the audio to bounce inside our mobile or even have water, which can also cause this result. In these situations we will only have to go to the technical service so that they disarm the mobile and check what is happening.

The keys to not having an echo

We must know that this peculiarity is usually caused in the opposite mobile where it is heard and, therefore, if we hear the other person with an echo, we would have to let him know that the problem exists or he will never be aware of it. On practically no occasion does this problem appear in the loudspeaker of the phones and, if so, we could also discover it when listening to music or when playing WhatsApp audios and bringing the phone to our ear as if it were a call.

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Whatever your situation, we want to help you solve the complications with the echo or even if the problem lies with a friend or family member of yours, we invite you to share this article with all the solutions you need and thus ensure that the next time you speak with him, you don’t have to put up with how annoying a conversation can be with the bouncing effect of the voice that continually echoes in our ears.

call someone else

Not always our phone will be the main culprit. There are not a few cases in which, when trying to maintain a telephone conversation with someone, it is the other person’s own smartphone that is to blame for being heard so badly. The simplest way to check it in these cases will be by calling other contacts in our phonebook and checking if it is an error in our terminal or not.

Headphones are the problem

Now that we usually wear headphones while we walk down the street, play sports or even at home, we can take advantage of its possibilities and speak through its integrated microphone to talk on the phone comfortably thanks to Bluetooth , although many times these headphones can generate a Annoying sound for the receiver because the headphones do not have sufficient quality or are not configured properly, something that is done from its own application. Higher-quality headphones have noise-reducing smarts, but more basic ones don’t and can cause not only that, but also interference with other devices.

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On the contrary, if the problem is in the internal microphone of the mobile, we can try with headphones that integrate a microphone so that our receiver tells us if we are now heard without echo and we know that these have a problem that causes that annoying sound bounce.

try another cover

Although it is true that most cases are adapted so as not to block the microphone or speaker inputs of the smartphone, in some of them we could come across that this is not the case in our case. So, if you can’t hear phone conversations and strange noises appear, try a case that does have the holes for the microphones . In addition, from that moment on, this detail will be one more in which we must pay attention when buying a cover.

failure with coverage

As strange as it may seem to us, a problem with coverage may be part of the reason why we are suffering from that annoying echo on calls . When the range is not enough, the sound can be distorted and make it appear intermittently while we have a phone conversation from the mobile. In this situation, moving just a couple of meters can make the error disappear and for this reason we return to the recommendation of going outside if we are inside a building or rooms that are surrounded by many rooms.

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This not only appears in traditional calls due to coverage, but also in Internet calls , also known as VoIP, which are achieved through various apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram. These need the best possible internet connection to work properly and otherwise cuts, echoes or other errors appear that prevent the conversation from being held correctly.

Call dangle

Believe it or not, there are many occasions when this error is due to a specific failure of our mobile device when it comes to transmitting sound , causing the annoying noise that will make it very difficult for us to maintain a totally normal conversation from the phone. . Therefore, the easiest way to test if you can get rid of this problem is to end the call and make it again immediately.

restart the mobile

Echo calls are more common if we are that type of user who never, for anything in the world, restarts the smartphone from time to time. This is one of the main mistakes we make, since being on for so long can lead to different internal processes being ‘frozen’, causing failures like the one we are seeing right now. In addition, doing it is really simple, we just have to turn off the device, turn it on and try again.