How to Avoid Buying Movies by Mistake on Amazon Prime Video

For some time now, there are several platforms that allow us to have a wide range of series and movies that we can see on demand, making life a little more comfortable. One of these platforms is Amazon Prime Video, a VOD (Video on Demand) application included with the Amazon Prime subscription, a subscription that allows you, among other things, to have fast and free shipping, exclusive offers, use the books platform Prime Reading or Amazon Music Unlimited digital devices to keep a wide catalog of musical artists on hand.

It also offers you the option of delivery in two hours using Prime Now (as long as we live in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or surroundings) or benefit from the exclusive day of offers for clients, Prime Day. It also allows us to have unlimited storage of all our photos without compression with Amazon Photos, enjoy the Prime Gaming experience and the premium Twitch experience that is included in subscriptions to Amazon Prime and Prime Video.

Avoid Buying Movies by Mistake on Amazon Prime Video

What you offer in your Prime Video payment option

But going back to what interests us, the Amazon Prime Video application, in addition to having a wide catalog of films, series and documentaries, has a store where it is possible to buy and rent new releases, novelties and classic films that are not listed in your regular catalog. This paid catalog is renewed every week.

The rental price of the films is usually 3.99 euros, although some content may vary in price between 2 and 5 euros. As long as viewing is not started, the content is kept in the personal catalog for 30 days. Once the viewing begins, the user has 48 hours before it disappears.

In the case of purchase, the film remains forever in the personal catalog , although it does not mean that it is the property of the user, since Amazon Prime Video could withdraw it at any time, so even if you have paid for it, you may not return to reproduce it.

How to avoid buying by mistake

One of the problems that Prime Video users face is making a purchase by mistake, since the process of this is very simple. In order to prevent this from happening, Amazon has incorporated the option of adding a security PIN into its video platform. This five-number code prevents mistaken purchases at the rental store and movie purchases.

Activating this PIN system is a simple way to restrict the possibility of making unwanted content purchases and is done from the same site as the rest of the platform’s parental control options.

Activate the PIN from the browser

The first step is to access the “Account and Settings” section within Amazon Prime Video. This can be done from any browser. Once inside, you must select the “Parental Control” option.

On the screen, the service will show us a dialog box that allows you to enter five numbers of your choice. Once entered, Prime Video will allow you to activate purchase restrictions, as well as configure access restrictions by age or restrict access by device.

Activate PIN from mobile

To activate the PIN from the Amazon Prime Video mobile app on Android and iOS, just select “My space” and click on the settings icon that appears in the upper right corner. Once there, you must select the “Parental Control” option and click on “Change Amazon Prime Video PIN”.

As in the web version, you must establish a five-digit PIN. Once established, you can restrict purchases within the platform.

This option is not available on other devices such as Fire TV, Tablets, Fire Phones, since these devices have their own parental control settings, which the user must configure directly to block unwanted purchases.

What happens if I accidentally purchase a movie?

In this case, Amazon allows us to return a Prime Video purchase that we have made accidentally or unwantedly within a maximum period of 30 days in which, of course, we cannot consume the content we have purchased or we will lose the right. return.

In order to make the return request, you must perform the following steps:

  • In the Prime Video app or on the website select My Space, then Purchased and Rented Titles.
  • Select the title that you bought or rented by mistake. The title details page will load.
  • When the page loads, don’t click the Play button.
  • If the order is eligible for a refund, you will see a button marked Cancel order.
  • Choose the reason for cancellation from the drop-down menu, then click Cancel order.
  • When the cancellation is complete, a refund will be issued to the payment method you used to place the order.
  • Video is also removed from My Space or purchased and rented titles as part of the refund process.