How to Avoid Breakdowns Due to High or Low Temperature in Mobiles

Avoid Breakdowns Due to High or Low Temperature in Mobiles

Like we notice changes in temperature, electronic devices and especially smartphones can also be affected by heat or cold. The temperature of mobile phones is one of the main causes of problems, although in most cases these go unnoticed, until the terminal breaks completely.

There are many tips and precautions that will make us ensure that the mobile does not break down sooner than it should due to low or high temperatures. This way we will make the terminal last much longer with us and we will not incur a bill for a day at the beach or a day in the snow.

The problems caused by temperatures on the mobile

In the same way that a dip with the mobile can cause it to break, the damages that end up affecting the mobile due to low or high temperatures are various. Not all of them are produced in the same way, but they can vary depending on the terminal materials the ability to withstand the temperatures and the heat itself that the terminal gives off through the battery or the processor.

The battery is one of those great enemies of temperature, which can end in a degradation of the cells of the terminal . This will cause that if when starting to use the smartphone it lasted up to 7 hours with the screen on, after being affected by the temperature, it will have 6, 5, 4 and less and less autonomy.

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Another of the serious problems that affect the mobile with temperature has to do with the processor, the chip in charge of moving everything on our smartphone and through which all the requests we make pass. With the heat, this section can become overheated and suffer serious problems that end up affecting its performance, making it increasingly slow and heavy. On the other hand, cold can cause very similar adverse effects.

Regarding the memories, the negative effects also appear but this time especially with the heat, since the cold in a certain way is good for their conservation. In addition, other external elements such as the screen, the speakers or the connectors themselves will also degrade if we make them suffer from extreme temperature values.

This way you will ensure that the mobile does not get too hot

With the intention of anticipating problems due to high temperatures in mobile phones, we have many options to take advantage of and preventions to take. With any of them we will mark a before and after on the phone, but if we use several of them, we will notice it even more.

The brightness of the mobile marks the temperature

Although it may seem insignificant, the brightness of our mobile screen can vary by up to 4 degrees on average the temperature of the terminal . This can be further aggravated if the situation before the heat is not good. Therefore, it is always advisable not to exceed the maximum brightness without being strictly necessary.

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Do not use too many apps at the same time and demanding

Smartphones have more and more RAM memory, if we try to use many of them at the same time, we will be causing the terminal to have to support all of them at the same time and therefore it will not be able to manage it in the best way. For this, we must be aware that the most complex editing apps or, for example, games can heat up the terminal a lot.

Be careful where you take it

Obviously, the place where the mobile is located will be very important and therefore if we take the mobile to the beach or the pool in August, we will have to keep its temperature in mind. In this case, the best thing to do is to wrap it in light clothing , preventing the sun’s rays from hitting it and, of course, placing it in the shade.

Do not use the mobile while charging

One of the best ways to prevent high temperatures in the mobile is trying not to use it when we are charging it. Although heat dissipation is increasingly dependent on the charging connectors themselves, the phone can be seriously affected by putting such strain on the battery.

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Wear a light-colored sleeve

In the same way that to safeguard its standard temperature and not expose it to overheats we have resorted to light-colored clothing, it is also a recommendation to follow the idea of using light-colored covers. With this we ensure that the sun is not absorbed by the case and therefore our mobile heats up to dangerous limits.

Avoid “strange” apps

Another point that can cause the mobile to increase its temperature are non-optimized apps. Within Google Play or the App Store, applications go through security and protection standards, but this does not happen when we download them from external or unknown sources. These could cause the phone to be affected by serious malfunctions.

Prevent the cold from damaging your mobile

In the same way that we have set our sights on getting the phone away from high temperatures, we are going to do the same with the cold. There are also cold prevention methods, with which to ensure that the terminal does not suffer from the dreaded problems of minimum temperatures.

Use thick covers or with hair and cap

Although it may seem like a minor solution, perhaps it is the one that will benefit the device the most and ensure that sub-zero temperatures do not negatively affect the mobile . There are many styles of sheath, but on this occasion and to prevent the cold we have to look at those that, although more outlandish, have hair or some type of material less cold than metal. If you don’t want any of this, at least the gel sleeves should be thick.

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Wear it close to the body

Just as when we are cold, a hug can calm us down, the mobile also protects itself from the cold with body temperature . Therefore, whenever you can, keep your mobile in the pocket closest to the skin and even grab it inside the pocket with your hand. In this way, even if we are in the middle of winter, the mobile will not notice the dangerous and sudden changes in temperature.

Do not leave it off at low temperatures

In the same way that our mobile gets hot from using it too much, it can also be overcooled if the ambient temperature is minimal and it is turned off or inactive. Therefore, turn it on from time to time we will be heating it up and using it we will make sure that its components do not degrade on their own.

Whenever you can, avoid exposing your mobile to the cold

The best prevention without a doubt is the one that makes us leave the mobile away from low temperatures. This will make us leave the mobile phone safely at home whenever we can, but above all this advice will be useful for jobs where the cold is key and we can continue to communicate by going with more people around us.