Avoid Battery Damage: The Right Way to Charge Your Phone in the Car

Charging your mobile phone in the car has become a common practice for many people, whether it’s to use infotainment systems or conserve battery life during a drive. However, there are correct and incorrect ways to charge your phone in the car to ensure you don’t harm your device’s battery. Here are some tips on the best methods for charging your phone in your vehicle:

charge phone in car

  1. Wireless Support for Android: Consider using a wireless charging stand that also doubles as a phone holder. This allows you to charge your phone wirelessly and use it for navigation or other purposes while driving. It’s a convenient and efficient way to charge your phone in the car.
  2. MagSafe Mount for iPhone: If you have an iPhone that supports MagSafe charging (iPhone 12 and later), you can use a MagSafe car mount. This magnetic charging system ensures a secure connection and is compatible with a range of iPhone models.
  3. Quality USB-C Cable: If you prefer using a cable to charge your phone in the car, make sure you use a high-quality USB-C cable. Quality materials and construction are essential to ensure a reliable and safe charging experience.
  4. Use the Lightning Cable (for iPhones): If you have an iPhone with a Lightning port, use a Lightning cable to connect it to your car’s USB port or charger. This ensures compatibility and reliable charging for your iPhone.
  5. Wireless Car Charger: For a cable-free experience, you can opt for a wireless car charger. Simply place your phone on the charger base connected to your car, and it will start charging as you drive. This is a convenient option for those who want to eliminate cables from their car setup.

Our Recommendation: The best charging method depends on whether your car has infotainment systems like Android Auto or CarPlay:

  • If your car supports Android Auto or CarPlay, it’s best to connect your phone via cable. This is the safest and most cost-effective way to charge your phone while using the infotainment system.
  • If your car lacks infotainment systems, a phone holder with wireless charging capability is a great choice. It allows you to keep your phone visible for GPS navigation and charges it wirelessly at the same time. This option ensures safety and convenience while driving.

Ultimately, the right method for charging your phone in the car depends on your specific needs and the features of your vehicle. Choose the option that suits you best to ensure a smooth and safe charging experience.