How to automatically empty the recycle bin when you turn on Windows

recycle-binIf you are one of those types of users who delete files from your computer, but keep them in the trash bin until one day you remember to permanently delete them, the program that we will show you below can be of great help. With this we will save time and especially storage in our equipment.

Auto Recycle Bin is the right program to put this issue apart. With it we can avoid keeping our files in the bin for days, weeks and even in some users, months even if they are not necessary.

While we think that deleting our files and including them in the trash can save space, we are very wrong. These files are kept on our computer and occupying the same space as if we had not deleted it, so it is necessary to delete them permanently from the trash can or with the use of the program mentioned above.

How to automatically empty the recycle bin with Auto Recycle Bin

Auto Recycle Bin, has a simple function and at the same time very prominent, and is that it is responsible for deleting the files that our trash contains permanently periodically or even every time we start our computer. We can also get it for free from the following link .


It is the user who tells the program itself, how often the residual files will be deleted every few days. Other options would be to tell you that when it exceeds a certain amount of storage (MB) it deletes our files automatically or every time the computer is turned on. This can be indicated by percentage or by an exact amount in Megabytes.


In the previous image we can appreciate the amount of storage units that our computer contains. Each of them has a dialog box, in which we can indicate the number of days, or maximum amount of memory that can be reached until the recycle bin is emptied.

In all units it is the same, the only variant is the information that shows us about them. This information contains the maximum size that our trash can store, the maximum number of files, or the total space that we have free.

How to access the manual erase of the recycle bin

When we enter the option “See items in the Recycle Bin” we can see the files that our bin contains in the selected unit. In addition, it shows us information about these files.


To delete these files, we will have to select them previously and click on “Delete selected items” . We must always check which files we are going to delete, to prevent unnecessary deletion.

Deletion Type Selection

Another alternative that we have available in this tool is to select automatic erasure or manual erasure. In this way, the days selected for deletion will not be taken into account, and we will have to do it manually. Or on the contrary, every time we turn on our equipment, the files contained in the bin will be deleted.

These options are configured independently on each storage unit that contains the equipment.


It is advisable to adjust the erase period of our recycle bin with a prudent amount of days. With this we will ensure that if we repent or have deleted something that was necessary, we can recover it.

Although in case of configuring the automatic deletion, and that it is deleted in each login of our system, we advise to review the files of our trash can if we have made and deleted content that could be important.