Audiobook Listening Programs: Best for Windows

When it comes to resting and disconnecting from our day, nothing better than reading our favorite book. Although reading is one of the most recommended hobbies, we do not always find ourselves wanting to put ourselves in front of a book, since many times we end up with our eyes too tired to concentrate on reading. As an alternative, we can have audiobooks to listen to relaxed or while doing another activity.

And is that an audiobook is nothing more than a digital recording of a book aloud . For its reproduction there are specific programs or audio players that are compatible. Its use has great advantages, such as the speed with which we can listen to them without pause and be able to capture everything they say. For greater comfort it is possible to change the reading speed and it does not require being so concentrated, so we can enjoy listening while we are relaxed on the sofa.

Audiobook Listening Programs

It is also possible to listen to books aloud while doing other activities such as driving, walking, cooking, exercising, etc. It is easy to download and offers the most varied content: it can be a course, an article, a story, an interview, among others. In general, the voice is carried out by professional actors or storytellers who are capable of interpreting and dramatizing texts.

That is why, if we like the idea of being able to listen to your favorite books and listen to them directly from your computer, we tell you some compatible applications with which to listen to them.

Audiobook Player, listen and sync your audiobooks

It is an application with which we can enjoy our favorite books aloud from our Windows 10 computer. It is perfectly optimized to allow us to listen to audio books in parallel. What does this mean? That we can change from one book to another without losing the current position. It also has the Sync function with which it is possible to synchronize automatically with respect to other Windows devices, so we can switch from one device to another and continue listening where we left off. In addition, it is compatible with OneDrive so we can listen to the books that we have saved in the Microsoft cloud directly without having to download them.

Audiobook Player is a free application that we can download from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Chris Spettmann Software

Audiobook Player

MusicBee, music player with audiobook functions

Audio players are generally not designed for listening to audiobooks, so many lack many useful features. In the case of MusicBee we can speak of an exception since it has some useful features for the reproduction of audiobooks, such as resume playback or support for bookmarks . The application has its own Audiobooks section where we must drag and drop the files in order to differentiate them from the music files in our library. It has extra functions such as labeling, custom labels to manage audio books, synchronization with devices, etc.

MusicBee is a completely free player that we can download from its website. It has both an installation and portable version.


Free Audio Reader, a player designed for playing audio books

It is a program specially designed for reading audiobooks, as well as for playing slide presentations. It has functions such as bookmarks, tags, covers, playlists , etc. It is compatible with formats such as MP3, WAV, MID, TXT, among others. Once loaded our audiobooks shows us its author, album, track number, title, year, genre and comments. Another feature to highlight is its TextRead function that allows us to load a text file from our PC so that the software can read it aloud. In addition, it has the marker option, which allows us to mark the book as an .fbm file, so that we can restart its listening from the place that we have marked later.

We can download Free Audio Reader for free from this link .

Free Audio Reader

iTunes, the popular player also for audiobooks

It is an application well known as a music player but it also has different tools that allow us to listen to audio books . We can add our audiobooks, play them whenever we want and synchronize them with our iPhone or iPad. It also offers the ability to add media files to the playlist, convert the tag to ID3, and create an AAC version of the audio books . The audiobooks can be organized by filters and categories such as name, genre, title, etc. In addition, it has its own library from which to download audiobooks in Spanish of all kinds of genres.

iTunes is a free player that has its corresponding version for Windows that we can download from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Apple Inc.


1by1, small and lightweight audio book player

It is a small, fast and free audio player that allows us to play any file directly from its folder. It is a great option to listen to our files since it is able to remember the last track and position , so it will be much easier for us to resume any listening to our audiobook from the point where we left off. The application supports audio formats such as MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AAC CD and MP4.

We can download 1by1 for free from the developer’s website.


Audible, more than 200,000 titles to download and listen

It is an application managed by Amazon where we can have access to more than 200,000 titles that we can download and listen to from our Windows computer. It has synchronization with the last listen so we can continue where we left off. We can control our listening experience with voice commands for Cortana and buttonless mode. It allows us to navigate through chapters , add bookmarks and notes, as well as control the speed of narration .

We can download the audible app from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Audible Inc


Audio Library Collection, play audiobooks from your own library

It is an application that will help us find and play books by different authors aloud . It has its own library where we will find all kinds of books organized by categories. Each of the books includes its cover and a brief description of them. It has an extensive list of authors with constant updates. Audiobooks are downloadable and feature high-quality sound.

Audio Library Collection offers a free 7-day trial version that we can download from the Microsoft Store. Later we can access your catalog for 7.99 euros per month.

Developer: Music Paradise

Audio Library Collection

WorkAudioBooks, listen to audiobooks and learn languages

This is a very simple software that supports audiobooks in MP3 file format . It has interesting functions such as the possibility of playing the files step by step, and even showing subtitles in HTML, TXT or SRT format, if they were available. At the same time that the book is reproduced we can navigate between words and look up its meaning in the dictionary. This makes this program a recommended option for those who want to listen to audiobooks in other languages in order to practice it.

We can download WorkAudioBooks for free from their website .


My Audiobook Reader, play books out loud without complications

This application is a simple software that is responsible for reading our books aloud and that we can save in a playlist. This list will show us the title, album, genre, title, year and duration. It has a bookmark option, from where we can mark several files to track their playback. Another of its more interesting options is the possibility of changing the pitch, the speed of the voice , going backwards and forwards in fractions of 10 and 60 seconds.

My Audiobook Reader can be downloaded for free from here .

App My Audiobook Reader