ATM does not give you the money: What to do

It is possible that, like in all aspects of life, you may encounter a situation where the ATM fails to dispense the requested amount. Although it may not have happened to you before, it is important to know how to handle this situation if it ever arises.

While many users nowadays prefer to use services such as Bizum instead of withdrawing cash from ATMs, it is still important to carry some cash with us for situations where card payments are not feasible. However, a downside to using ATMs is that they can also malfunction, resulting in a situation where the requested amount is not dispensed.

atm not give money

The money does not come out of the ATM

In the event that an ATM fails to dispense the requested amount, it could be due to a mistake or a system error. Sometimes the issue is minor, but other times it can result in the money being deducted from the account without being received, or the ATM dispensing an incorrect amount.

While there is a risk of it being a scam, in many cases it could simply be due to the ATM running out of bills or experiencing an operational failure. Although services like Bizum have reduced the need for cash, it is still important to carry some cash for situations where card payments are not possible.

ATM malware

It is important to verify that the ATM has not been tampered with by criminals. One common technique used by fraudsters is known as “cash trapping,” where they block the cash dispenser to make it seem like a technical issue. Unsuspecting users then leave, but the thief later unlocks the dispenser to steal the money. It is crucial to report any suspicious activity or signs of tampering on the ATM to the bank or authorities immediately.

How to act

If you ever encounter this situation, here are some recommended steps to take:

  • First, make sure that the cash dispenser is not blocked.
  • If the bank branch is open, inform one of the employees about the problem. If it’s closed, call the incident telephone number provided or contact your bank for a solution.
  • Always request a receipt for the transaction, even if no money comes out.
  • Check your checking account to see if the attempted withdrawal resulted in a transaction. If so, you will need to file a complaint with the bank.

It is crucial to act immediately and report the incident to your bank to get a quick resolution, particularly if the transaction appears in your bank account. The same steps should be taken if the ATM dispenses less money than what you requested.

Additionally, it’s important to note that most banks have a time limit of 40 seconds to retrieve your card from the machine. If you fail to do so, the card will be retained to prevent any unauthorized use. This safety measure is in place to protect the cardholder from potential fraud or theft.