ASUS ROG Ally is officially released

After weeks of speculation and rumors about its specifications, the details of the highly anticipated portable console have finally been revealed. The ASUS ROG Ally, equipped with a custom AMD processor and a 7-inch Full HD screen, promises to deliver the full Windows experience. Is this the new standard to beat in the portable console market?

A custom built beast

asus rog ally

ASUS’s hardware expertise has contributed to the development of a cutting-edge console. The device features an AMD Ryzen Z1 processor, designed in collaboration with the brand, and based on the Zen 4 architecture with RDNA 3 graphics.

The processor has 6 cores and is manufactured using 4 nanometer technology. Furthermore, there will be a more powerful version with the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, which boasts 8 cores for enhanced performance. It remains to be seen how the two versions compare in benchmarks and reviews.

This processor choice sets it apart from Valve’s Steam Deck, although some argue that it will likely be on par with other options on the market, such as the AOKZOE A2 or the recently leaked AYANEO 2S.

ROG Ally Features

ASUS ROG Ally, official features

  • 7-inch Full HD 120Hz 500nit touchscreen
  • AMD Ryzen Z1/Z1 Extreme processor
  • 512GB PCIE 4.0 SSD M.2 2230
  • UHS-II microSD card slot
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • Windows 11 with Armory Crate SE interface
  • Fingerprint reader for Windows Hello login
  • 608 grams of weight
  • Xbox layout keypad
  • Two extra bottom buttons

Play what you want

ASUS ROG Ally, official features

ASUS is clearly taking aim at Steam Deck by highlighting that the ROG Ally console allows gamers to access all their libraries and streaming services without any limitations, which could be interpreted as a dig at Steam Deck’s lack of official compatibility and its Linux-based Steam OS operating system.

While it is true that there are workarounds to play games from different libraries on Steam Deck, the experience can be daunting for some users. However, with the ROG Ally running on Windows 11, the installation processes are identical to those on a PC, making it essentially a PC designed for gaming.

From the hand of Microsoft

The official announcements of the ASUS ROG Ally reveal several references to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox, and Microsoft, which is quite intriguing. This is not surprising, as the console could potentially become the go-to product for accessing the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming catalog. It is likely that ASUS has entered into agreements with Microsoft to offer users the best possible experience, which may have impacted the pricing of the product. Additionally, the console will come with a special offer of 3 free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, adding further value for users.

How much does ROG Ally cost?

ASUS ROG Ally, official features

As an AI language model, I do not have the ability to predict the price of ASUS ROG Ally or speculate on it. We will have to wait until May 11 when the official launch event takes place to know the final price and release date of the product.