ASRock DeskMate X600: The Mini PC Revolution with External GPU Support

The continuous increase in the computing capability has boosted mini PC market to offer convenient and feature-packed devices for different purposes. Still, the DeskMate X600 Mini PC from the ASRock is another contribution to this segment, available now only in China, and it is packed with a number of features that can single it out from the rivals.

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Is It Time to Resurrect the Mini PC and What Part Will AMD Play

Mini PCs are popular nowadays because of their compact design, versatility of the usage, high performance and.
reasonable prices. AMD has massively gained from this development, with its powerful processors coming with strong built-in graphics that allow budget gaming PC.

ASRock DeskMate X600: The following are the essential features of a key:

ASRock’s DeskMate X600 offers several configurations, making it adaptable to different needs and budgets:ASRock’s DeskMate X600 offers several configurations, making it adaptable to different needs and budgets:

Basic Model: Costing $179. 99, this open frame system comes with the cooling solution, although the customer needs to assembled their own processor, RAM, and SSD.
Advanced Model: This version, with a Ryzen 7 8700G processor, has a price of about 650 euros, and offers a more versatile use from the box.

Why does this company have a different strategy to graphics cards?

This and the following general capabilities are unique options of the DeskMate X600:It is capable of providing support to an expansion PCIe graphics card for external use. This design includes:

Chassis Opening: There is a cut-out at the top of the chassis to accommodate a dedicated graphics card.
PCIe Expander: This is a VGA like cable that links the external graphics card to the mini PC interior PCIe port.

Challenges and Practicality

While innovative, this external graphics card setup presents several challenges:While innovative, this external graphics card setup presents several challenges:

Additional Power Supply: The use of the external graphics card implies the need for a different power source while making your connectivity more complex and messy.
Space and Noise: Incorporation of an external ac source and exposed graphics card creates some congestion and noise making area.

Robust Specifications

Despite the unusual graphics card setup, the DeskMate X600 boasts impressive specifications:Despite the unusual graphics card setup, the DeskMate X600 boasts impressive specifications:

Chipset and Socket: With the AMD X600 chipset and AM5 socket, it is capable to run Ryzen 7000 and 8000 series processors that have up to 65W TDP.
Cooling: Includes a low profile powerful heatsink for the regulation of the temperature.
Memory and Storage: Comes with four SO-DIMM slots, up to 192 GB DDR5 at 7200 MT/s, two M. 2 (PCIe 3. 0 and PCIe 4. 0) connector and 1 SATA for 2. 5-inch drives.
Connectivity: Adopts many interfaces and options for connection:
Front: Two USB 3. 2, two USB 3~Specifies the number of ports and the type of USB in two tables demonstrated as below Figures 2 and three. One HDMI port, one Display port, one MHL, one USB 3. 1 Type C port, and zero USB 2. 0/3. 1 Type A ports.
Back: Two DisplayPort 1. 4, one HDMI 2. 1, two USB 3. 2 ports, two USB 3. 0 ports, but for Bluetooth It has version 2. 5G Ethernet port.
Others are Wi-Fi 6.

Final Thoughts

One of the first mini PCs that can be considered is the ASRock DeskMate X600 Mini PC because of both, compactness, and performances offered. Though the external graphics card solution can look rather illogical for some, the system as such has been proved to have impressive performance characteristics and an extensive number of connection interfaces, as well as rather low prices. Thus, for people who chose the DeskMate X600, it is possible to get a reliable mini PC with powerful processing capabilities and multiple functions usage.