Are there better cheap alternatives to the GoPro?

As summer approaches, many people find themselves pondering the same question: is it worth investing in a GoPro for their vacations? These cameras, priced at four or five hundred euros, are undoubtedly an excellent option, but are they suitable for everyone? The answer is not always straightforward, as there are numerous alternatives available.

While GoPro is the most widely recognized brand in the action camera market, it’s important to note that they are not the only option available. GoPro cameras are known for their compact and durable design, accompanied by a wide range of accessories. They are specifically designed for action sports, built to withstand various challenging environments such as surfing, diving, or climbing. They can be easily mounted on bicycle helmets or used while skiing, offering various professional sports modes. Additionally, their rugged and waterproof nature makes them popular among beach or pool vacationers, as they can capture travel vlogs without worrying about damage. However, it’s crucial to understand that there are alternative action cameras on the market, and some of them come at a lower price point.


So, are GoPros worth it? It depends on various factors. The decision hinges on the intended use, specific requirements, and desired level of professionalism in video recordings. If you frequently engage in action sports and enjoy capturing and editing videos, a GoPro might be a worthwhile investment. For example, if you regularly partake in mountain biking and wish to document your routes or if you’re an avid climber, GoPro cameras excel in delivering high-quality footage with excellent image stabilization and sharpness.

Ultimately, the value of purchasing a GoPro or any other action camera boils down to personal needs and preferences. Assessing your intended use and desired video quality will help determine if a GoPro is the right choice for you or if there are more suitable and cost-effective alternatives available.

Better alternatives

If you’re working with a budget of less than 100 or 150 euros, there are viable options available for action cameras or pocket cameras to accompany you on your vacation. While it’s important to manage your expectations regarding the level of quality and features, these cameras can still meet your needs adequately.

Within this price range, you can find decent action cameras or pocket cameras from reputable brands that offer satisfactory performance. While they may not provide the same level of image quality, advanced features, or durability as higher-end models, they can still capture memorable moments during your vacation effectively.

These affordable cameras are ideal for casual users who prioritize affordability and convenience without requiring professional-grade results. They can capture your adventures, whether it’s exploring scenic landscapes, participating in water sports, or simply documenting your travel experiences.

Keep in mind that while these cameras may have limitations compared to more expensive options, they can still offer value and functionality for budget-conscious travelers. It’s always a good idea to research and read reviews to ensure that the camera you choose aligns with your specific needs and expectations.


The Apexcam is an affordable 4K sports camera priced under 65 euros, offering a shape reminiscent of the GoPro. While it may not match the GoPro’s quality, it still provides the capability to record underwater footage. This camera is built to withstand shocks and splashes, ensuring durability even in rugged environments. Despite its budget-friendly price, it delivers Ultra HD quality, allowing for crisp and detailed recordings.

Equipped with a range of modes including slow motion, time lapse, loop, and driving mode, the Apexcam offers versatility in capturing different types of footage. With its 20-megapixel sensor, it produces high-quality images, preserving your memories with clarity. To ensure extended usage, the camera comes with two batteries, providing sufficient power for various situations and trips.


Akaso V50 Elite

The AKASO V50 Elite is another highly recommended and popular sports camera available on Amazon. This WiFi-enabled camera supports 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, ensuring smooth and high-quality footage. With its 20-megapixel sensor, it captures stunning photos and offers various advanced features such as electronic stabilization, voice control, and adjustable viewing angles.

Included with the camera is a waterproof case, along with several straps and mounts that allow for versatile placement on helmets, bicycles, and other surfaces, enabling you to start recording like a GoPro. The AKASO V50 Elite also comes with two batteries, providing extended shooting time, and it is compatible with microSD cards for convenient storage. Additionally, the camera offers WiFi connectivity, allowing you to easily transfer files to your computer or smartphone. It boasts features like burst mode, remote control compatibility, and slow-motion video capability, enhancing your recording experience.

akaso v50

For children: Kidizoom Action

If you’re considering gifting an action camera to kids or tweens, there’s no need to spend money on a GoPro. They are unlikely to fully utilize the advanced features of such a brand, and there are affordable alternatives available. One such option is the Kidizoom Action Cam, a photo and video camera priced under 65 euros.

The Kidizoom Action Cam is designed for young users and comes with exciting features. It is waterproof, allowing kids to capture their adventures in various sports and activities, thanks to the included accessories like covers, straps, and supports. With a battery life of over two hours, it ensures extended usage, and its internal memory can store more than 500 photos. Additionally, it can be expanded with an SD card for even more storage capacity.

The Kidizoom Action Cam provides a suitable and cost-effective option for kids and tweens to explore their creativity and capture memories. It offers durability, waterproofing, and sufficient storage capabilities for their needs, making it a practical choice over more expensive options like GoPro for this age group.


Other recommended cameras

In addition to the affordable alternatives, there are other highly recommended cameras that can serve as alternatives to GoPro. If you’re genuinely interested in an action camera, it’s worth exploring beyond the most popular options and considering other intriguing choices. One such brand is Insta360, which offers compact cameras of exceptional quality with impressive stabilization. These cameras go beyond the realm of action sports and nature, providing a 360-degree field of view that allows you to capture everything happening around you, resulting in captivating footage.

Moreover, there are premium brands like DJI that offer alternatives to GoPro. While renowned for their drones, DJI also produces rugged and compact cameras. These action cameras boast excellent quality and belong to higher price ranges, making them less accessible for all budgets. Nevertheless, they come highly recommended for those seeking top-tier performance and features.

By exploring options like Insta360 and DJI, you can discover alternative cameras that offer exceptional quality, innovative features, and unique capabilities, making them excellent choices for capturing your adventures and more.

Are GoPro Alternatives Worth It?

Indeed, when GoPro first entered the market, it brought about a true revolution in its segment, offering capabilities that were unmatched by other cameras at the time. However, as time has passed, the market has evolved, and now there are several viable alternatives that can deliver impressive results for capturing sports or leisure activities.

It’s important to acknowledge that a camera priced at 100 euros won’t provide the same level of performance as a product priced at 500 euros. However, the reality is that there are still plenty of options available within the more affordable range. For users who plan to capture casual photos during their vacations or engage in occasional photography, a cheaper alternative to GoPro can be a worthwhile purchase in the majority of cases.

While the higher-end models may offer additional features and advanced functionalities, cheaper alternatives can still deliver satisfactory results for capturing memorable moments. Ultimately, the choice depends on the specific needs and expectations of the user, but it’s reassuring to know that there are viable options that can offer a good balance between price and performance.