Are Reconditioned Mobiles Worth It? With Certideal Yes

Are Reconditioned Mobiles Worth It

It is possible that on occasion you have crossed your mind to buy a reconditioned mobile phone , but you have some doubts about the reliability it offers. We are going to tell you what you should take into account when deciding on this option rather than on a new model … as long as you decide on a trusted store such as Certideal.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are different options depending on the state of the terminal that you can find in a store that sells reconditioned smartphones. Some have clear symptoms of the time that they have passed to use and others are practically new, and the difference in price is quite remarkable between them. In this way, you will be able to choose what is best for you, always taking into account your budget .

Revisión de una teléfono reacondicionado

Is a reconditioned the same as a second hand?

This is one of the great confusions that many have, since they think that they are exactly the same. And anything farter from the reality. The big difference is that the store that sells refurbished models reviews the device in question to certify that it is working properly . An example of what we say is that in Certideal up to 30 points are checked (including the hardware; its external status; and even the software) so that once you make the purchase you are completely sure that you get some good quality.

In addition, and to increase the reliability that is offered, in the store that we have mentioned before – and which is a clear example of a quality option – two years of full guarantee of the mobile phone that you take are provided. Therefore, if you have a problem for anything, you will be completely sure to find a solution directly in Certideal . In addition, it is also quite important to note that a repair service is available for all problems that may be had and that are outside the coverage.

You don’t lose much with one of these phones

Our colleagues from Topes de Gama Plus have been able to review two iPhone 11 (one new and one reconditioned), and have come to the conclusion that it is not a bad idea to value the purchase of the latter at all. The reason is that you will not encounter problems when it comes to receiving software updates; the operation of all the applications -including the native ones- is excellent … and they have not had any failure in accessing the official Apple store; and even in the performance section they have barely found differences .

Iphone 11 comparado en Topes

Of course, there is an element that if you are going to find a certain degree of degradation due to use: the battery . This is a component that has a limited service life and therefore you will not find it 100% if you decide on a reconditioned model. Of course, the differences have not been especially dramatic and our colleagues have been quite satisfied.

Is it worth buying a reconditioned?

Well, the truth is that in these times this seems to us a fairly sensible and consistent option, so it is not a bad decision at all, since you can access a higher-end phone without having a particularly high budget. You don’t miss a thing or two , and the security both in purchase and later use is excellent.

By the way, to encourage you, we are going to leave you a discount coupon (GAMAPLUS) below so that you save a few euros in case you decide to look for and buy a reconditioned phone in Certideal … something that, for safety and good work , we recommend you.