Are Kodi repositories safe? Why delete some

The open source software called Kodi, is one of the most popular and used multimedia centers on our computers for years. This is a program that we can not only use on our desktop computers, but there are versions for consoles, mobiles, and other devices.

In addition, the software we refer to here is compatible with most of the current platforms and operating systems. Hence, many users opt for this multimedia center that we tell you when it comes to enjoying their music and videos. Keep in mind that it is not a conventional player, but it will also help us organize and manage all these files. And not only that, but in addition to working with our videos and audio files, it allows us to watch television channels, work with photos, with programs, game emulators, etc.

Are Kodi repositories safe

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that it has a somewhat peculiar and original user interface that follows its own style. With this we want to tell you that Kodi has a totally independent aspect of the operating system in which we install it, unlike what happens with the rest of the software. That is one of the reasons why this program is considered one of the most original as well as functional. But if this open source project is known for something, it is for the additional complements that we can add. Also known as add-ons , these small pieces of software add additional functions to the program.

It must be said that we can find elements of this type belonging to both Kodi itself, as well as totally independent or third parties.

Reasons to delete some Kodi repositories

Many of these add-ons are encapsulated in what are known as add-on repositories that we install directly on the player. To give you an idea, when we install the multimedia center from scratch, from the outset, we already find a repository included. In this way we have at our fingertips and directly, new features related to both the functionality and the appearance of the program. This is something that many users appreciate from the developers of the application .

addon kodi

The problem with these repositories full of add-ons is when we download and use them from unverified or reliable sources . Therefore, when talking about the security of these in repositories, as with many other programs and software solutions, everything will depend on the purpose for which it was developed or its creator. Once we know all this, it is clear that, to have secure repositories installed in our multimedia center, we must avoid, for example, those that are illegal .

By this we mean repositories with different plugins that call content subject to copyright that can be enjoyed for free. On many occasions these contain hidden malicious codes , or are simply abandoned and their control is retaken by cyber criminals to access our computers. However, on the contrary, we can find many other add-ons and repositories of official websites, programs and platforms that we can bring to Kodi in a totally legal way.

As you can imagine, these can be kept and used in a totally safe way in our favorite multimedia center.