Arduino Opla, New Board for IoT: Features and Price

Arduino Opla

Arduino boards have been offering endless possibilities for years. So many that this has allowed it, along with the Raspberry Pi, to be one of the most popular products within the maker community. The problem is that it was not a product for everyone, at least not until now. With Arduino Opla they want to turn the internet of things into something within everyone’s reach by avoiding soldering components.

What is Arduino Opla

Within the maker sector the Raspberry Pi has been and continues to be one of the most popular development boards on the market. Although depending on who you ask, it is likely that their answer is not this but Arduino. And it is logical, because the company behind this other popular plate has been offering a very interesting product for years to carry out all kinds of projects, both home automation and programming, etc.

The only problem with Arduino is that, despite its large user base and how active it is in terms of the generation of reeds, etc., it implied an extra difficulty when having to go around soldering cables and components. However all this seems to want to change with Arduino Opla.

This new Arduino Kit seeks to offer a real and simple solution for all types of users, whether or not they have advanced knowledge of home automation, electronic engineering or even the activity of soldering cables and components to a board or set of pins.

In this way, Arduino Opla is composed of a circular-shaped main board to which you can easily connect a WiFi connection module , a motion sensor as well as other additional ones that together will offer a great variety of possibilities. . Some of these have been listed as follows:

  • Smart lights control
  • Home security system
  • Heating system thermostat control
  • Notification system via messages
  • Plant monitoring
  • Weather tracking
  • Solar tracking system

In addition, the module or main board offers touch controls and that allows a much easier interaction for all this great variety of use cases and that together with the small OLED panel will offer interesting information for the user.

Of course, the best thing, and the reason why it brings the world of the Internet of Things or IoT closer to any user is that for a year it also gives free access to the Arduino Créate Maker Plan platform . A service that allows you to compile different projects and even develop them from any browser. Which facilitates even more the initiation in this world in a more friendly way.

With a price of 99 dollars , the truth is that the new Arduino Opla is an interesting proposal that will certainly be well received. It is true that advanced users will prefer the previous plates for their greater possibilities, but we would not rule out this proposal. Because if it complies, it is true that it would greatly facilitate the realization of projects that attract us and that due to lack of knowledge we have never dared to carry out.