Apps to turn the iPad or iPhone into a teleprompter

When watching the news it is quite common to see how the presenters do not have to be reading a paper. But neither can we imagine that all the news is memorized by heart in order to inform everyone. What they do is use a teleprompter whose mission is to display the scrolling text so that it can be read comfortably while recording. This is something that is going to be on iPhone or iPad with these apps.

What to look for in these apps

Apps to turn the iPad or iPhone into a teleprompter

There are many different options that can be found in the App Store to be able to have the iPad or iPhone as a real teleprompter. In this case, we recommend you to take into account the following points:

  • Speed control: each person has a very different reading speed, and it will also depend on the content you are about to create. That is why it is really important to choose a teleprompter that has the speed with which the text is passing in front of your eyes. This, in the end, is something that can also be found in the teleprompters that are used on television or in the news that we watch daily.
  • Simultaneous recording: this tool is mainly aimed at being able to read a text without taking your eyes off the camera. It is not appropriate to be reading a text on the table while making a recording. That is why there are some apps that have simultaneous recording while the text is passing.
  • Contrast: the teleprompter is a tool that will be displayed at all times, and that is why it must have the best possible contrast. This will greatly improve how you read text against a background. The ideal in these cases is to have a black background and white letters. In addition, it is ideal that you can edit the size of it so that it adapts to each user.

Telepromter for video, the best option

This app makes it easy to create professional-looking videos on your iPhone or iPad. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to record a vlog, practice a speech, or give a business talk. The app helps actors film auditions that have been pre-recorded, for example. The app works by reading a script while simultaneously recording yourself in high definition. In this way, no one will know that you are directly reading a script.

After making the recording, in the app itself you will be able to edit the video comfortably. In this way it will be possible to add the logo, change the size of social networks, add music, replace the background with a green screen and even add subtitles, making it more accessible.

It is important to note that it has features that are significant. In this case, voice-assisted scrolling can be used to make it sound more natural when presenting with a teleprompter. This will make the text scroll, guided by your own voice. Likewise, it will be possible to control it through a Bluetooth remote control, a wireless keyboard or a simple pedal. It is also compatible with the Apple Watch itself.

Other applications that can be found

Although the application that we have previously commented on is really complete in terms of functionalities, in the App Store you can find other options that will also interest you. In this case we list the best alternatives that can be found in this regard.

Teleprompter Premium

Teleprompter Premium is the industry recommended teleprompter app. Used in television and film studios including ABC, CBS, BBC, Fox, ITV, Channel 4, UKTV and many more. It is used by more than 150,000 clients and also has thousands of ratings worldwide, the majority being five stars.

In this case, the script you want to read can be instantly imported from PDF, Word, Powerpoint, txt and rtf files. It has the reflect mode to be able to invert the text in order to achieve a much more professional experience. The camera of your device will be able to be used to record the scripts while you are reading it at that moment. It is compatible with different controls such as PlayStation or Xbox controllers.


The application that will allow you to turn your iPad into a Teleprompter completely free. The scripts will be able to scroll smoothly, quickly choosing the speed at which you want them to scroll at the bottom. Likewise, it will also be possible to have a button that will start, that the text begins to move and in this way that another person has the ability to record. In addition, it has a stopwatch to know the time at all times.

It will be possible to activate the reflection mode in order to reflect horizontally or vertically. In this way it will be possible to reflect on external screens, making it possible to have an experience as realistic as possible to the one you have on a television set. It is enabled to be able to apply different scripts and at all times it will be synchronized through iCloud.

Video Teleprompter

Application that will help you record videos that look professional and above all natural. In this case the script will be read while you record the video. This will ensure that you are always looking at the camera, having the best possible results. Regardless of how you position your device, Video Teleprompter will position your script directly next to the camera. That is why we are facing an option that is ideal for any type of person.

You will be looking directly at the camera while you read your script, without having to memorize anything at all . The videos will be made like a true professional by you, being able to record in 4K directly. The scripts will be imported automatically through the different cloud services. What is going to be achieved with this is that it will maintain exactly the format that you have given it with its spacing, for example.

PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter

This application is presented as a completely smart option. This is because it features patented speech recognition technology, which is revolutionary in that it provides a robust solution for automatically tracking a speaker’s voice in real time. This will cause the text to scroll as it detects what you are currently reading . All this with files that can be exported from any cloud platform.

The app also has a Notecard feature to outline the key points of the talk to be held. This will mean that by having the notes on the screen you can have a higher quality at the end. Likewise, you will be able to stay informed with the digital note cards that are integrated. This will mainly mean that you have a very simple outline of everything you are going to have to talk about.


This app is ideal for being able to easily read a script without worrying about missing a line in your speech on camera. Designed for scripts, song lyrics and any speech you have in a compatible file, such as PDF or word, among many others . From the application itself it will be possible to record the video in order to edit it later or upload it to a platform. Obviously, the quality limitations will be imposed from the hardware of the iPad itself.

Among the main features is the ability to set the playback speed, the specific playback time and even the ability to activate the mirror format with playback both vertically and horizontally. You can find many other customization options such as font size. In addition, a remote control, such as a bluetooth keyboard, can be used to control playback.

Our recommendation

In this article we have tried to expose the main applications that can be found to turn the iPad into a real teleprompter. Obviously, they have been chosen among those that have a better rating in order to have the best possible experience. In this case, we are also left with Teleprompter for video that has the necessary tools to record video with the teleprompter always in front of you. All this with the most suitable customization options to adapt the type of text and even the contrast that you are going to need.

Along with this application, the use of Teleprompter Premium is also highlighted, which has a complete manager of the font of the letter to be used, but also the full scale at all times. Likewise, it has the tools to be able to manage time and also the speed of the text.