Apps to read manga on iPhone

Reading manga is something that has spread like wildfire in today’s society. We are used to reading really dense books, and many people believe that a story can only be told through words. But the truth is that from the East they say the opposite: through images with dialogues you can also tell something exciting. This is what manga want to convey, and from your iPhone or iPad you will be able to read it digitally. We tell you the best apps to use.

What to look for in these apps

Apps to read manga on iPhone

In the App Store you can find a large number of applications to download your favorite manga. But some of them may not meet the quality standards that should be required. In this case, we recommend you follow the following relevant points:

  • Types of manga that can be read: it is important in this case that all kinds of comics can be read. In this case you will find both black and white sleeves, but also in color. It is important to have an application that is completely versatile in this regard to read any type of content.
  • Integrated manga library: it is no secret that having to manually upload manga or comics to the reading platform can be annoying. But this can become annoying. That is why we recommend using readers that have integrated stores to be able to access the content quickly and with the highest possible quality.
  • Internet connection: the time we spend reading is usually related to downtime on public transport or in locations where there is no internet connection. That is why you should always choose an application that has the possibility of reading offline without being connected to the internet.

MangaToon, the best app we found

Among all the applications that are available, in this case we are left with MangaToon, which has different tools to be able to enjoy the best possible manga. In this case, we are dealing with an app to read all kinds of manga in color on the iPhone or iPad. Likewise, you can read action, romance, yaoi, yuri, comedy, horror comics, among other genres. In addition, the stories are updated daily.

Among its features, it stands out that there are new chapters every day, to be able to read many HD stories of many different genres. All of these are updated periodically, and even some comics are updated with 7 new chapters a week . In addition, now you will also be able to read all the most popular Korean manga that are stored in MangaToon.

It should be noted that you will be able to download your favorite comics and then read them without any type of connection. The developer has optimized the way reading is used. When you get to the end of a chapter, keep dragging down to skip to the next chapter for uninterrupted reading.

Other manga apps

Beyond this app, which is one of the most famous, in the App Store you can find others that may also interest you. We tell you the main ones below.

Manga Dogs

With this application you will be able to follow your favorite manga and, above all, discuss it with other people who have similar tastes to yours. Also, you will get a notification when the manga you are currently following is updated. It will also record where you are on the page so you don’t get lost at any point in the reading process. It also has a night mode so you can enjoy reading at night without damaging your eyes.

The app has the possibility to explore thousands of manga from 26 sources, in 6 languages. Get the recommended manga based on what you’re reading thanks to built-in algorithms, so you always have something to watch. The viewer is specially designed to offer a great reading experience with the ability to read vertically or horizontally.

plus sleeve

This is the official manga reader from Shueisha Inc., available worldwide. It offers the publication of the best selection of manga in the world, such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach and others. In this way, you will be able to read the latest chapters of the best manga for free, daily and simultaneously with the launch in Japan. That is why you will be able to enjoy a great service from today.

In all cases, you will be able to spread your opinion about everything you are reading and even receive the answer quickly. You will be able to read legendary manga such as Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bakuman, Death Note…

Manga Zone: Manga Reader

This application has thousands of manga so you can discover and read them completely free. The developers present themselves as a great team of manga lovers who design this application so that it can be used in the best possible way in this mission that has arisen from the very beginning. The catalog is completely massive and is constantly growing with multiple sources.

New chapters are added as fast as they become available in the other part of the world. The experience is super fast and fluid. In addition, on the Today home page, it will be possible to display the daily recommendations that are completely personalized. You can save the contents in favorites and the reading progress to have everything at the same point.

Mango Manga – Manga Reader

Mango is an application that always helps you search and find manga in Spanish, finding all your favorite stories and their chapters. Always looking for a great experience thanks to daily updates and high quality images. In the reader you will be able to have different tools to be able to navigate through all the available chapters of a manga.

Keep in mind that in order to access the content, you will have to pay a monthly subscription in order to have all the manga available. There will also be a favorites section to be able to access all the manga that you are going to have to read again because you loved them. It should be noted that the subscription has a variable price depending on the features that are going to be contracted with this payment.

Blanket: comics and graphic novels

Transcend the moment and discover the fascination, allure, and intrigue found within each of our manga series, all perfect for binge-watching. It brings you a library of manga full of mystique, wonder, and enchantment, perfect for reading anytime, anywhere. In addition, it does not have annoying interruptions in which the application or advertisement asks you for a payment, since it is important not to leave you halfway while you are reading.

Discover a new anime story to read every day, you will never run out of episodes to binge on. It makes reading anime and manga easy, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let our comics take you into a world of endless fascination and discovery. What magical story awaits you?

What we recommend

As you have seen, in the App Store there is a wide variety of options. But in our case we stayed with two of them. The first is MangaToon because of the tools it has, but also because of its ability to find any type of manga you want in Spanish. In addition, it has premieres simultaneously with Japan.

In addition, Manga Dogs also has a fairly adequate reader to be able to enjoy manga with the best possible quality. Among these tools, for example, the night mode that allows access to better vision when in low light environments. In addition, the catalog is quite complete and above all it is up to date.