Apps to organize the PlayStation, XBOX and Switch games

Many of us find ourselves accumulating a growing number of video games, both in physical and digital formats, leading to a collection where we often lose track of what we own and what we haven’t played yet. To address this issue, there are helpful apps that we recommend using to ensure that managing your collection doesn’t become a problem.

As our shelves fill up with an ever-expanding array of games, be it due to irresistible discounts or simply our passion for acquiring interesting titles, it becomes crucial to maintain control and keep everything well organized. These recommended apps will assist you in knowing exactly which game should be next in line to play, so you can make the most of your gaming collection without any confusion.

apps to organize games

Stash: The Leading Game Organization App

In recent years, Stash has emerged as the go-to app for gamers seeking to efficiently organize their video game collections. With Stash, you can effectively manage your entire library of games, regardless of the gaming console, and stay up-to-date with the latest releases. Moreover, the app allows you to explore trending and interesting games, which you can add to your wish list for future consideration.

One of the most captivating aspects of Stash is its collaborative nature. You can invite your friends to join the app, enabling them to share their gaming progress with you. This feature facilitates a dynamic and interactive experience, as you can track each other’s achievements and milestones in various games. By adding your friends to your app profile, you’ll have a real-time glimpse into their progress, making it an exciting and constantly evolving platform.

My game collection: much more than an organizer

When it comes to organizing your video game collection, there is a standout app that offers comprehensive features to keep track of your played and unplayed games. Notably, this app includes a scoring system that allows you and other users to share your opinions on each game.

What sets this app apart is its multifunctionality. Beyond being a powerful organizer, it also serves as an informative platform. In addition to cataloging your entire collection and tracking your progress, you can stay up-to-date with the latest news in the gaming world, including market launches, announcements, and trailers, ensuring you never miss a beat.

The app, titled “My Game Collection,” developed by Toni Chica, goes beyond organization, providing a market platform and chat features for interacting with other users about your gaming experiences. However, if you plan to sell your games, it may not be the ideal choice, as its primary focus is on game collecting.

Retro Game Collector: for retro lovers

In addition to the latest market releases that many gamers enjoy collecting, it’s essential to consider the passionate community of retro game collectors. From classic SNES and MegaDrive titles to sought-after Nintendo DS and Gamecube games, these nostalgic gems find their place within this app, making it an ideal platform for organizing retro collections.

While the app offers conventional organizational features such as folder categorization and tracking missed and unplayed games, it excels in providing a crucial option for retro game enthusiasts. Users can easily access the price and current value of each retro game in the second-hand market. This valuable feature not only helps in assessing the worth of your collection but also aids in making informed decisions about potential sales. With this app, you can confidently navigate your retro gaming world with ease and precision.