Apps to find the best places to recharge your electric car

When you go on vacation, travel to another city, or need to charge your car outside of your home, it’s natural to be concerned about finding the nearest charging points in the area. While you may already be familiar with the charging stations in your own city, finding them when you’re on the go is best done using your mobile device. To assist you in this regard, we have curated a selection of apps that provide you with this valuable information.

These applications are available for free download in your mobile device’s app store. They offer comprehensive information on the best places to recharge your car no matter where you are. Beyond just proximity or if they are on your route, these apps provide useful details that will assist you in making informed decisions about where to recharge your vehicle.

Google Maps, the best known


Google Maps is one of the top GPS apps that can guide you to your desired destinations by car. It also provides a convenient feature for locating charging points for your electric vehicle. With a simple search within the app, you can easily find nearby charging stations or ones that align with your route. Google Maps not only displays their locations but also provides information about the services they offer, including the availability of free fast-charging points. Additionally, you can initiate navigation to your chosen charging station directly from the app.

Furthermore, the integrated version of Google Maps in many car panels enhances its functionality by offering this feature. If your vehicle’s panel doesn’t have it pre-installed, you can simply download the app on your mobile device, which likely already has it, and explore its functionality for locating charging points.

Electromaps, with real-time availability


With this application, finding a charging point and recharging your electric vehicle becomes effortless, particularly with Electromaps. This app allows you to access a comprehensive database of available charging points, complete with real-time availability information. You can search for charging points based on connector type, location type, and more. Furthermore, you can benefit from the collective experience of other users and actively contribute to the community.

The app covers charging points from a wide range of operators, accommodating all electric car brands such as Renault, Tesla, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Mustang, Dacia, and many others. No matter what vehicle you drive, you can easily locate the closest charging point that provides the specific information you need. Moreover, the list of charging points is continuously expanding to cater to the growing electric vehicle community.

Book with the Iberdrola Public Recharge app


This app provides a seamless and convenient way to charge your electric vehicle. It enables you to easily locate the nearest charging points, access real-time status updates, initiate charging sessions, make payments directly from the app, check rates, make bookings, and much more. It serves as a practical tool, ensuring you can enjoy your trips without the worry of uncertain charging stops. With access to detailed information about your recharges, you can stay informed at all times.

One of the app’s greatest advantages is its ability to assist in planning stops during long journeys or even shorter ones, allowing for effective organization. It provides comprehensive information that empowers you to make informed decisions about your charging needs, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

Chargemap: With many filters

chargemap app

Within the app, you can easily discover nearby charging points and effectively plan your holidays while considering necessary stops. It provides valuable information on the most notable fast-charging terminals along your route, as well as highlighting the availability of free charging options. You have the flexibility to filter your search based on various criteria, such as highest ratings, fast charging capabilities, free options, highway accessibility, preferred networks, and more. The app caters to a wide range of electric car models and charging preferences.

Access to comprehensive data is at your fingertips, including plug types, operating hours, accessibility details, user notes, charging power, and comments from other users. This wealth of information will guide you in selecting the best charging points along your journeys. In Europe alone, there are over 350,000 charging points compatible with the Chargemap Pass card. The app also supports integration with Android Auto, offering seamless usage during your travels, among many other features and functionalities.