The Apps that Harm the Performance of Your Mobile

The mobile has become one of the tools that we use the most throughout the day and that each is used to carry out different tasks. Nowadays a terminal is not only a simple telephone, but we also use it as a music player, portable console, television, camera and even a laptop. For this reason, we are more concerned than ever about its performance , since we are not only aware that it does not scratch or break, but we also take into account when our device begins to go slower than we want.

This has led many users to have decided, at some point in their life, to install one of those famous apps on their mobiles that assure us a great optimization of RAM or battery saving to ensure that our terminal has high performance. Although, unfortunately, if you have not found out yet, it is absolutely not advisable to have these types of applications installed, as they will do the opposite of what they had promised us from the beginning.

The problem with these apps

These types of applications, which have been circulating on the Google Play Store for a long time, have managed to make us think that our mobile will be able to perform like the first day if we start using their app. In addition, they assure us that we will not have to do anything and that we will even save battery, a factor that is also key for users, since there are many who end up falling into the temptation to install these applications thanks to this advantage.

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The problem comes when over time, after using them for a long period, we realize that not only do they not optimize the performance of our phone as they claimed, but they do the opposite, causing it to perform much slower than before. . But why does this happen? The answer is simple, this type of application works by tracking our smartphone in search of the apps that we have open (consuming large resources in the CPU) and, as soon as we press the optimize button, it simply closes them.

This aspect goes totally against the nature of Android, as it is programmed to keep apps in the background so that, whenever you want, they run faster than if you do it from scratch. In addition, if we open an app from the beginning we will get a higher battery consumption, we will even worsen its performance. In other words, the processor will need to work more, which will demand a greater amount of power and will cause the battery to drain faster than usual. So, if we have an application open in the background, the processor will have less work to do, which will greatly benefit our device.

Clean Master and other optimizers

This app, known as Clean Master, became one of the best-known cleaning and optimization apps on the Google Play Store. But, far from optimizing , they will slow down your phone even more . These optimizers simply close the applications in the background, something you can do yourself from multitasking.

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All RAM memory accelerators , also known as ‘Task Killer’, what they do is force the closing of processes in the background, causing the opposite effect to the one desired: slowing down the system. And, in short, it is not necessary to install Clean Master, or any similar optimizer since they are not worth anything. And Android knows very well how to manage RAM on its own.

Promises of battery saving or fast charging

These apps usually promise lower battery consumption, automatic settings for better savings, closing applications. But, this is not usually the reality, since most apps that are dedicated to saving battery have abusive permissions, even going so far as to install malware . Although that is not all, since they could also worsen the useful life of the battery of our mobile.

Well, what about fast-loading apps. These apps take advantage of the fact that people are unaware that the fast charging of our mobile only depends on the technology it has to charge it . Therefore, we recommend that you stay away from these two types of apps, and the further away the better.

How RAM works in Android

Many will know that, in some operating systems such as Windows, the more RAM you have installed, the better the performance will be since when this memory is filled with all kinds of programs, the system will necessarily begin to use hard disk space as virtual RAM, causing a slowdown that will only be solved by closing everything that is not being used. However, Android doesn’t work like that .

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Google’s operating system is designed to occupy as much RAM as possible, causing many processes to run in the background and allowing other services, such as notifications, to run continuously. When we install apps like Twitter, Gmail or Facebook on our device, they will always have processes that will always run behind the applications, even though they are closed and which cannot be stopped unless the program itself is uninstalled.

In addition, since Android 7 it has been implemented that the operating system is capable of automatically closing an app that is in the background if it is observed that an application in the background consumes a lot of RAM, the operating system will close it automatically.

Optimize your mobile manually

Now that you know why you should not have these RAM optimizers and the like installed, it is important to know a series of tips so that you can improve the performance of your Android in the best possible way. So we will tell you what will be the best steps to gain speed on your smartphone .

borrar cache fondo pantalla

Clear the cache

This memory is the reserved space where temporary app files are stored, although in many cases they can occupy several GB. Therefore, when this data is saved and large amounts accumulate, what will cause the mobile to go slower. And is that unlike RAM, Android does not do it by itself , so any application that you install will reserve a space in this cache. Therefore, it is advisable to clean it every time, we will only have to go to Settings> Storage> Cached data. And once inside, delete the cache of those apps that we do not care about or do not use.

Close the latest apps

Android applications, as we said before, are always open in the background. Likewise, the operating system is prepared for it and knows how to manage these resources without any problem, but from time to time it doesn’t hurt to close them from the recent applications button .

Turn off animations

Battery consumption is not the only thing that affects our mobile with animations, since over time we will notice a lower performance. This is because they are continuously consuming RAM , also affecting our mobile having to close more processes and continuously make a greater effort on all internal hardware. And although this is a slightly more complicated option to perform, it is equally useful. To do this, we must enter ‘Development options’ through Settings> Phone information and press seven times on ‘Build number’. Then a message will appear that Developer Options are enabled. Once inside, we go to Animations and deactivate them.

And if you want to save battery …

After uninstalling those apps that promise us perfect savings for our mobile battery, it’s time to get down to work and get good results on our own. To do this, we recommend a series of steps that you can find in this tutorial to save battery on Android. Within it, you will learn how to program battery saving, optimize apps in the background, and many more tips that will help us make sure that our device’s battery lasts as long as possible.