Apps Close on Xiaomi and Other Mobiles: How to Fix the Problem

Today Xiaomi returns to give a big headache to all its customers. All the brand’s mobile owners have encountered different problems when opening certain apps. Although the Chinese firm has been the most affected, it is not the only one as there are also complaints from users of Samsung and other manufacturers.

Since this morning, all those who were using their mobile have begun to see a failure related to an app crash. In this case MIUI has started to show different warning messages indicating that ” MSA has stopped working ” or that “The app has stopped unexpectedly”.

As we see in the Xiaomi forums , it is a problem that affects Spanish users as well as other parts of the globe. This makes it clear that the fault is not in the affected mobiles, but in the software.

problema xiaomi Apparently almost all app failures in Xiaomi and Samsung have an app as a common denominator and this has been alerted by the Korean firm, WebView.

MSA has stopped working

This is the most common error that is preventing the use of the Chinese brand’s mobile apps. However, if another message appears referring to another application, the solution is the same. Both on Twitter and on the Xiaomi forum, where users are still waiting for an official statement from the brand, it has been discovered that the Android WebView app is the cause of the problem.

Android Webview problem

This tool is not exclusive to MIUI, as it is present in the Android operating system to allow apps to browse the web without the need to use a third-party browser.

The first thing you have to do is uninstall all recent updates to this app from Settings / Applications / Manage applications . There you should check that the option to show all applications is activated from the menu with the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Then you look for Android System Webview and you click on delete updates.

If this does not fix the error, you will have to uninstall the app from the settings menu and then reinstall it from the Play Store.

Problems with apps in other brands

We have already said that, although the problem is greater in Xiaomi , it is not the only one that has suffered the failure with WebView and Samsung customers have also complained about it on social networks. Luckily for them, here Samsung has given an official response.

samsung webview

As you can see, the solution to the problem of apps that close on their own is the same regardless of the mobile brand, so if you are one of those affected you already know what to do until a new system update arrives to fix your mobile. .

Source> Xiaomi Community