Apps check electrical charging points on iPhone

More and more people are opting for an electric vehicle to move both in their day to day and for travel. Something fundamental that everyone has to take into account are the charging points, since based on them they will have to develop the route to their destination. Therefore, in this post we provide you with a compilation of applications to find different charging points.

What utilities should apps offer?

Apps check electrical charging points on iPhone

Before choosing one of the following applications that we are going to talk about in this post, you have to be clear about the most important points that an application of this type must have and comply with. But not only that, you also have to take into account what your needs are, and which of them is best suited to meet the expectations you have. Here is a list of the most important aspects.

  • The amount in this case does matter, since the more charging points it has, the greater options you will have of being able to find the one that best suits you.
  • The information that each application provides about the different chargers is also an important factor.
  • Being able to reserve a charger on many occasions is essential, especially if you have just enough time to recharge the car and you cannot wait for another user to finish charging their car.
  • Providing the route to the charger is a facility that not all apps provide, therefore, if you are not clear about the path to follow, the application itself giving you the route to reach the selected charger is a real advantage.

The ones that are best valued in the App Store

Although the market for electric cars has not been among users for a long time, it is a fact that it is booming, in fact it can be corroborated with the number of applications in the App Store to find different points loading. Next we want to talk to you about the most popular, that is, the ones with the highest and best ratings in the Apple application store.

Iberdrola Public Recharge

Recarga Pública Iberdrola

We are going with one of the applications that one of the largest companies in terms of energy supply, Iberdrola, has. In this case, this application is the way they provide to be able to charge your electric car through the different chargers that the company has in a comfortable and simple way, without any complication.

Within the application itself you will be able to find the different charging points closest to your location , know their status in real time, as well as the information regarding the technical specifications of each one of them. With this app you will be able to access the recharge infrastructures without the need for a prior contract and pay with the bank card of your choice. It even gives the possibility to reserve charging points and access quickly by scanning a QR code.



JuicePass through this application what provides all users of an electric vehicle is the possibility of having access from their iPhone to an extensive network of public chargers , a network to which new alternatives are added every day that enrich the options of the user in order to charge the electric car.

Within the application itself you can search, filter and locate the different charging points on the map , as well as see what the different rates are available and the payment methods they have. Something that is also very useful is the possibility of reserving the charging points, as well as the application itself providing you with the route you have to follow to get to the charger you have selected.

Developer: Enel X srl



The Electromaps application is, without any doubt, the most popular app among all electric vehicle drivers and the fact that it has almost 7,000 ratings in the App Store attests to this, achieving a score of 4.5 . It is a totally free app that brings tremendous value to the entire electric mobility community.

It allows you to find in just a few seconds all the charging points for electric vehicles and that are available for public use. The list of these is getting bigger and bigger, counting every day with a greater number of options for the users of the application. You will be able to know the status of the chargers in real time , activate the load or make the payment, all from the application itself.

Google maps

Google Maps - rutas y comida

We surely end up with the most popular app , and one of the most recognized in the world, which is Google’s own maps application. Within Google Maps you can find a lot of relative and important information whenever you take the car to make any journey, and how could it be otherwise, it also has relevant information for all users of an electric car.

Within the application you can find, through the search engine itself, the different charging points that are available and thus be able to prepare the route based on them so as not to have any autonomy problem with your electric car and to be able to enjoy the journey with complete peace of mind and comfort.

Other apps that can also help you

To become great, you must first be small, therefore, although the applications that we are going to talk about below do not yet enjoy the same popularity as the previous ones, if they offer services and functionalities that are for all users of an electric vehicle are really good for them.

Chargemap – Charging stations

Chargemap-Estaciones de carga

Behind this application there is a large community of electrical conductors, in fact, it already has more than 500,000 users and more than 300,000 identified charging points , so the value that this application charges if you have access to a wide network of chargers it’s huge. It is the application most used by electric car drivers and is even recommended by many manufacturers.

Within the app you will find fully detailed information about all the charging points , such as availability, how to access them, types of connectors and even comments from other users to find out what their opinion is about the different charging points. load found within the application.



This application will provide you with a map of EV and Tesla charging stations. In addition, it also gives you the possibility of being able to connect with other electric vehicle drivers and has stations of the most important networks in Europe and North America. In it you can filter the EV map by plug types and thus know which of the available stations are suitable for charging your car or not.

The variety and number of charging stations that you have accessible from this application is enormous, with more than 400,000 electric vehicle charging stations from the main networks such as Tesla , Endesa , Supercharger , Oplaadpalen, Ionity , POLAR, GE WattStation, Innogy , Blink and more.



In this case, we are not going to talk to you about an application that provides you with numerous charging points, but rather the application itself of one of the services that offers charging to users of electric vehicles. This is Easymoving, which has the purpose of providing, within the city , different charging points to be able to fill your electric car with energy.

Its different charging points, which you can consult within the application , if they exist in your city, are designed so that you can take advantage of those moments in which you have the car parked and stopped to just give it a boost of energy and recharge it. For this you will only need your iPhone and an internet connection, in addition to having an active bluetooth connection.



EVCharge is a fantastic app for all users who have an electric car, providing really useful information such as the location of the different charging points , the status of the different chargers, as well as allowing them to be activated to start a charge . It even has a series of graphs that will show you, in real time, how the load is happening.

To do this, anyone who wants to use it has to identify themselves once they are registered within the application itself. The map is really clear, it shows you at all times your position as well as the charging points that you can access with detailed information on each of them. You will also have available at all times the wh and the time consumed during the charging process.



This application has a wide variety of charging points that users can access and learn important information about each of them. It has more than 200,000 charging points that are spread all over the world, making it a practically essential app for all electric vehicle drivers who want to have at their disposal a wide network of chargers to access.

The map that this application contains will allow you to know the exact distance from the point where you are to the place where the charger you have chosen is located, it will even provide you with the exact route to reach it , which will load on your favorite browser. In addition, you will also be able to know what the status of the charger is as well as all the information related to it.

Charge and Parking

Charge and Parking

As its name suggests, this application will provide you with all the information you need to be able to charge your electric car through the different charging points it has. To be able to use the app, you have to become part of the Charge and Parking community, through which you can find charging points as quickly and easily as possible.

All the information that you can find in the application is constantly updated in real time , in addition, it even gives you the possibility of adding your own charging point to obtain an extra benefit while you are not using it. You can also reserve your charging point up to several days in advance as well as plan the route you are going to follow depending on the chargers that are available.

What is the most complete?

Whenever we carry out this type of app compilation, from the ITIGIC writing team we usually tell you which is the best option. Of course, you must bear in mind that in the end it is still our point of view, that it may or may not coincide with yours, and that it is driven by specific needs.

In the first place, if we focus on the most popular ones, without a doubt the one that offers the best exclusive service dedicated to the users of electric vehicles is the Electromaps application. On the other hand, as for the lesser-known alternatives, the one that has caught our attention the most because it encompasses a great variety of both charging points and functions is Chargemap.