Approve in the next call with these free opposition test websites

Today the most effective study methods for oppositions are based on interactive systems, since they are easy to use and are also fun. The advantage of this system is to more easily remember the questions asked and to have a greater motivation to carry out the study of the agenda.

In the following lines we are going to share some of the best and most complete websites with opposition tests and exams with which you can self-assess yourself and check how you improve day by day.

Approve in the next call with these free opposition test websites

Here you will find the opposition exams and opposition tests classified by the type of opposition . In addition, it also has resolved and explained psychotechnical tests, as well as intelligence and personality tests.

It contains a huge database for all kinds of oppositions : according to their scope (national, regional, local), required level of training or according to the selection process (opposition, competition-opposition and competition).

Preparing for oppositions through tests similar to the official exams for calls such as nursing, administrative assistant, post office, nursing assistant, police or civil guard ensures that the aspirant to the civil service has previously faced this type of test.

Opositor, the opposition portal, offers you the possibility of taking free, no-registration and totally personalized opposition tests so that you can successfully prepare for the official exams of public employment calls in Spain. You will be able to select the topics that you want to generate a fully customized test to test the part of the agenda that you need .

This is a website focused on all kinds of oppositions in Spain, with tests that are organized by theme and are updated every year . In addition, they provide information of interest to the opponent, such as informing about the new places in a call and their number, how to join an opposition, they explain or send you the contents of the agenda for each one and they specify the parts of which it consists each opposition.

Test oposiciones

In addition to the specific tests for each opposition, others are also included that may be common among several, such as psychotechnical, language or spelling exams, so that you are not very prepared only in one of the phases of the “opposition”, but in its whole.


On this website you have the possibility to do not only unlimited tests of any opposition without paying a single euro until you manage to retain the information, but there are also a series of courses so that you can also save on syllabi in addition to testing yourself.


The web system allows you to keep track of your own statistics, to have a better follow-up of the results of your tests and your evolution preparing the opposition. You’ll have a ton of metrics at your fingertips: right, wrong, blank questions. You can see the graph and see your evolution. You can even compete against other colleagues and see the positions at all times in case the competitive desire motivates you.