Applications for iPhone to Learn to Play the Saxophone

Applications for iPhone to Learn to Play the Saxophone

Music is one of the pillars of current culture and more and more people are venturing into the world of music to learn to play an instrument, something that is not easy at all, therefore, if you have begun to learn how to play the saxophone here we bring you a compilation of applications with which you can learn to play this fantastic instrument with the help of your iPhone.

The tremendous potential of the iPhone

When the first iPhone began to arrive a few years ago, many people said that it really was a small computer that could fit in your pocket, and although it is not entirely like that, it is true that the potential that the iPhone has is really incredible already that can be your ally for practically anything, from learning a new language with the help of some applications, such as, in this case, accompanying you in the process of learning to play a new instrument. Here are ten apps to help you get started with your new saxophone and create authentic musical works of art.

3D Saxophone Notes – The most visual app to learn to play the saxophone

3d Saxofon

3D Saxophone Notes is a really practical application that will teach you in a very graphic way how you have to place the fingers of your hand to learn to play the saxophone. In addition, you can also hear the sound of each of the musical notes that you can play through this instrument. Inside the app you will see a diagram of the fingers and a demonstration of a live saxophonist. Of course it has a tutorial section and the option to choose different types of saxophone.

2D Saxophone Notes – Your guide to notes

2d Saxofon

In this case we are talking about the application that we can consider the little sister of 3D Saxophone Notes. The difference between 2D Saxophone Notes and 3D Saxophone Notes is simply the image shown, since in terms of functionality they are exactly the same. You will choose one or the other depending on which is the one that seems the most visual and therefore, it is more useful to understand.

Saxophone – All-in-one

saxophone all-in-one

In this application you will find everything you need to know about this instrument and you will have it at your fingertips, never better said. The Key Table is available, so that you never forget the fingering of a certain key on a saxophone, of course, you also have different types of saxophone, different scales, and the transposition table available. Even if you have never played this instrument, with this application you can start playing your first notes on your saxophone.

Tomplay Sheet Music – Your source for sheet music

Partituras tomplay

Sheet music Tomplay, as its name suggests, offers you a huge variety of sheet music so you can play practically any song with your saxophone. With this application you can learn and practice your favorite songs while you are accompanied by high-quality recordings recorded by professional musicians. For example, while you are playing one of the scores with your saxophone, a pianist will accompany you so that the experience is that of playing with a whole band accompanying you. Of course, the scores are adapted to all existing types of saxophone.

tonestro: saxophone – play your favorite songs


This application will become your personal companion and teacher to learn to play the saxophone. It has all types of saxophone available and will give you immediate feedback on pitch and rhythm. It guarantees you constant motivation. You can also enjoy a wide variety of digital music pieces, an exciting experience of fun and playful exercise.

Sax fingering – learn the notes with this app


Sax fingering is an app created and thought to facilitate the entire learning process of your saxophone, you just have to ask for a note and the app will tell you how you have to put your fingers on your instrument to be able to play it correctly. In addition, this app is not only intended for beginners since, for those who have more experience with the saxophone, it can serve as a practical reference guide.

Saxophone Transposed – adapt the notes to be played with your saxophone

saxophone transposed

Saxophone Transposed is an application that will help you transform notes of any type of instrument or even voice into notes that you can play with your saxophone. It stands out for how easy it is to use, since this transformation will be displayed instantly and will be adapted to the type of saxophone that you indicate. To be able to use this app, you just have to make sure that your saxophone is tuned and place the instrument near the iPhone so that it can clearly detect the sound through the app.

Saxophone: Essential Concepts

saxofon conceptos esenciales

This application, as you can see in its name, will provide you with those essential concepts to be able to play your saxophone. Enjoy a wealth of tutorials and video demonstrations, PDF files with transcripts and practice sheets, audio tracks so you can practice with them, and much more. You also have different saxophone techniques at your disposal.

Saxophone Tutorials and Lessons For Beginners – Your app to start playing the saxophone

saxophone tutorials

In this app you will find what you need to start learning to use your new saxophone as it contains step-by-step instructions in tutorials that will guide you throughout your learning. You will be able to learn how to play the alto saxophone, how to start with the instrument itself, how to play the tenor saxophone and a huge number of different tutorials so that you can unleash your desire to play the saxophone like a true professional.

All-in-one Pro saxophone – ideal for more advanced users

saxophone all-in-one-pro

Finally, we want to talk to you about the Pro version of Saxophone All-in-one Pro, an app designed to make you a professional. A very useful fingering table is available to be able to trace the notes with audio samples and highly visual graphics that are easy for all users to understand. Of course it has the whole family of saxophones.