Apple will charge to test iOS 17, the new update of the iPhone

We live a year of changes where our money is worth less and less. We only know that the products that we bought last year for a certain price now cost more. It is that, even, it is going to cost us money.

And we are not only talking about the verification icons of Twitter, and now Facebook and Instagram, but even the way we have to install, until now, the betas of iOS, the operating system of Apple‘s iPhones.

Apple will charge to test iOS 17

The company has changed the way it handles beta builds from developers by limiting users’ ability to download beta builds of iOS for free.

As of iOS 16.4 beta, the iPhone has a new ‘Beta Updates’ menu in the Settings application, within the Software Updates section that we find in the General menu. This new menu allows Developer Program members to enable developer beta versions of iOS directly on an iPhone, without having to install a configuration profile from Apple’s developer site.

beta de iOS

And it is that this was the way that many individuals could install previous versions of the operating system of the brand, when a developer profile.

Goodbye to free iOS betas

The particular thing about the case is that this menu will only appear if the iPhone is logged in with the same Apple ID that was used to sign up for the company’s Developer Program . In future versions of iOS, Apple says that this menu will be the only way to enable developer beta builds, as profiles will no longer work. And of course, signing up for this program is not free .

It’s a program that costs $99 a year , and users who aren’t enrolled in the Developer Program won’t be able to install the iOS 17 developer beta when it launches at WWDC in June.

Until now, anyone could easily install the free beta versions for iOS developers by downloading profiles from different websites, but with the future operating system of the firm that is over.

problemas instalar beta ios iphone

It already came

The reality is that this is not a movement that should catch us by surprise, since the Cupertino company has been complicating the issue of downloading developer profiles to install the iOS beta on compatible smartphones for some time.

In 2022, Apple already blocked many websites that shared developer beta profiles. One of the best known to software pundits, shut down in August to avoid a legal battle with Apple, while the company’s lawyers also took to Twitter, issuing takedown notices over a dozen tweets containing links to, that is, to the aforementioned developer profiles. Other sites remain active, but we don’t know how long they will endure the onslaught of the American company’s legal apartment and they may be closed for the launch of iOS 17 .