Apple iPad Pro: Best Bluetooth Keyboard Cases

One of the most useful accessories for the Apple iPad Pro tablet is the keyboard . With them, and thanks to the powerful functions provided by the equipment provided by Cupertino, it can function normally in mobile conditions. In other words, they can replace a laptop . We show you how to choose a bluetooth model to make sure you make the right choice.

The fact is that the hardware included in the Apple product we are talking about undoubtedly offers powerful functions, and even professionally developed advanced versions such as Photoshop. The truth is that for many people, and thanks to its iOS operating system, it is a completely effective solution that they can use as their usual device when they are away from home.Apple iPad Pro: Best Bluetooth Keyboard Cases

Obviously the best solution is a solution that does not require any cables. This is where Bluetooth technology comes in. When accessories are connected not far from the iPad Pro, Bluetooth technology has become the standard. This is exactly what happens with the keyboard that we are going to show you.

What should a bluetooh keyboard for iPad Pro?

As we said before, the technology used in all the models that we choose is Bluetooth because they are the most suitable and their operation is not just a solvent. To ensure good timing and no lag between keystrokes and what the tablet can understand, it should be clear that the version that includes the keyboard is 4.0 or higher. This way, there will be no unpleasant surprises when using the accessories involved.

Another important detail of these products is the autonomy they provide. You must check and verify if its power exceeds 600 mAh before its purchase, since this is a sufficient amount to work for a long period. In summary, you must consider that the brand is good, and that its autonomy of use exceeds two weeks. In this way, the accessory does not have to be charged to be able to use it with the iPad Pro.

Good quality keyboard keys are important for a proper user experience . The best thing is that the selected model has flat elements, and nothing protrudes from its casing. If so, the wrist position will not be entirely ergonomic, so you should check that it is correct to feel good when writing. You should also be careful to include the “ñ” (this is important, but not critical due to the presence of stickers). If this is the case, you can be sure that Spanish is the language for which it was created.

Funda con teclado para iPad Pro

Other key points to keep in mind

Among many other factors we have selected some to take into account. One of them is that the keyboard is backlit . If this is the case, even in a dark place, the accessory can be used without any problem, so its practicality will increase exponentially. Obviously, this will lead to higher consumption, so use must be properly controlled.

The design of the keyboard in question can be very different , and here what you have to check is that all the needs you have are covered. Some models are very stiff and others not so stiff . In addition, there are protective covers as a complement, which can be very interesting for the protection they provide. If not necessary, there are some models that are completely independent elements, so they can be used with iPad Pro perfectly.

Best Recommended Models

To make it easy for you, we have made a selection of the best models to buy in the Amazon store. We show its most important features and, of course, the purchase link so you can get it right now and turn your iPad into a powerful device:

Logitech Slim Folio Pro

A model that is compatible with the Apple Tablet that has an 11-inch screen (there are other variants) and that, among other things, offers backlit keys, so its use can be done in any type of situation. Excellent in autonomy since it is possible to reach three months and, in addition, it is really comfortable since the set is chiclet type. It is a sheath type accessory that therefore adds extra protection.

teclado Logitech Slim Folio Pro

PEYOU Keyboard Cover

The best thing about this accessory is that the cover is of excellent quality, so the protection achieved with it is very high, which will avoid many problems. Regarding the keyboard, it uses magnetic technology to detect the closure and put the tablet to rest. The autonomy is adequate, but it does not stand out especially. Of course, with two hours of charges you get 96 hours of use.

Funda PEYOU Funda Teclado

COO Keyboard Cover

If you like things a bit different, this keyboard is one that you should not miss. Apart from offering good ergonomics, it is striking that the lighting it includes can be configured with seven different colors, so it is more than likely that they will end up looking at what you do. With Bluetooth technology to communicate, reaching more than two weeks of autonomy is possible.

COO Funda Teclado teclado para iPad Pro

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

The official model of the Cupertino company could not be missing, and it obviously offers excellent performance. With keys with a lower central part so that the use is very comfortable, the base on which it is based is very solid and of quality. Add protection to the iPad Pro, how can it be otherwise, and there are versions for the different dimensions of the screens in this product range. Its autonomy easily exceeds the month.

Teclado Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

i-Blason Case

This model can only be used with the IPad Pro that has an 11-inch screen. Its finish draws your attention since it is transparent, so you can always see the design of the tablet, which for many will be positive. There is a hole in the case to carry the Pencil stylus, which is a nice additional detail. Low weight of 50 grams and the time of use that it allows exceeds two weeks, so it complies without problems.

Funda i-Blason Funda con teclado

ProCase Case

This is another of the models that comes with a hole to carry the Pencil stylus well stored, which for many may be essential. With versions for different screen sizes, the autonomy reaches more than 100 hours of continuous use … so there will be no problems in this section. The case adds good protection to the iPad Pro, and it does not lack a magnetic closure that puts the tablet to sleep. It is a very complete and resistant model.

Teclado para iPad Pro ProCase Funda

Feelkaeu Bluetooth Keyboard

There are no problems when combining with Bluetooth tablets, especially with Apple’s Pro model (Android can also be used). One of the great virtues of this accessory is that it can be adjusted with many positions, so you always have a good visual experience without affecting comfortable use of the keyboard. The autonomy is good, but not the best you can find. Of course, for long flights you will not have problems.

Teclado Feelkaeu Teclado Bluetooth

Brydge Pro

An accessory with excellent robustness and therefore firmly protects iPad Po. Fit the tablet in such a way in the enclosed casing that the rear appearance is similar to that of a laptop. Therefore, it is an option that is highly recommended as even the keyboard is really comfortable. It offers useful lighting that is appreciated in dark places, and it does not lack a USB Type-C port. A model that we believe is one of the best today.

Teclado para iPad Pro Brydge Pro