Anti-theft Mode in Windows 10X: New Security Feature

Anti-theft Mode in Windows 10X

Little by little we are discovering functions and features of the new Windows 10X . This operating system was announced by Microsoft in 2019 and, in spring 2021, it will finally see the light of day. The truth is that Microsoft has kept all the news about this OS very secret. However, thanks to the builds that have been recently leaked, it is possible to get an idea of ​​what it is like, what its characteristics are and how some of the most interesting functions that we will find in it work, such as the newly discovered anti-theft mode .

Windows allows us to reset the operating system in several ways. This is useful, for example, if we have an error in the system, if Windows does not start or simply if we want to return to the factory settings of the PC . And it allows us to choose if we want to keep our data and programs or clean everything to leave a freshly installed Windows. In other words, it is the evolution of the classic ” format the computer “.

The function of resetting the PC can be done both from Windows and from system recovery. This, although it can save us from some complicated situation, allows anyone to erase all data from the PC and start from scratch. Something common if, for example, our PC is stolen.

With the arrival of Windows 10X this is going to end. And it is that the new anti-theft method will prevent anyone from resetting the PC if they are not authenticated in it.

How the new Windows 10X anti-theft works

The new anti-theft protection can be found in the “Update and security” section of Windows 10X. This function is inspired by the one that Microsoft implemented in Windows 10 Mobile, as well as the one that Apple includes in its iPhone. What it does is force us to authenticate with the account, or the PIN , before resetting the Windows 10X devices to use them again. If we don’t log in, we won’t be able to reset the PC. And if it is protected by a password, then we won’t be able to do anything with it.

This makes this type of equipment much less valuable in case of theft and, therefore, less targets of thieves.

Of course, if we are going to sell our equipment with Windows 10X, in addition to resetting the equipment and deleting our data, we must keep this option deactivated so that the new owner will activate it.

Will we see it in normal Windows 10?

The truth is that this security measure would also make a lot of sense on Windows 10 computers (both desktop and laptop). And thanks to UEFI systems and Secure Boot , it could be totally viable. In this way, Windows 10 would receive that extra security and privacy that, together with BitLocker, would end the theft of computers.

However, Microsoft has no intention of bringing this new anti-theft feature to Windows 10 at the moment . At least for now. We recall that it is not the first time that Microsoft has ensured that it will bring many of the functions of Windows 10X to Windows 10 desktop. Therefore, it would not be strange that, in the somewhat distant future, we can see this interesting security measure on all PCs in the world.