Among Us in Fortnite? This Would Mean the Last Teasers

Everyone knows that Fortnite is one of the most popular games in recent years. His way of making a game to the taste of all players, with almost weekly updates and listening to the community make this a unique game in many ways. If Fortnite is characterized by something, it is also by its events such as virtual concerts or others that change the game in real time without the need for any patch. The game also makes heavy use of its official Twitter profile to teaser what’s to come in the game. On this occasion, it seems that Fortnite would like to tell its players that a new game mode similar to Among Us is coming , a game that increased a lot in popularity about a year ago.

This game for PC and mobile (and soon to come to PS4 and PS5) consists of a group of players who have to perform a series of tasks to complete the mission. However, one or two of them are impostors who have to end the lives of the rest of the players, preventing them from doing all the tasks on time.

Among Us in Fortnite

The teasers give us clues

It seems that Fortnite with the teasers that it is doing through Twitter would be announcing the possible arrival of a similar game mode.

In the first teaser, you can see a kind of restaurant where two details stand out: the first, that there is a window where you can see that this location is underground. And secondly, a surveillance camera can be seen at the top right. These are widely used in Among Us to try to discover the players that they are impostors.

For its part, the second teaser can be seen the battle bus full of graffiti . A shark can be seen in the background, so everything seems to indicate that the place where the bus is located is submerged in the sea.

Rumors seem to indicate that this part where the bus is located would be one of the places where players would have to do one of the tasks.

One more collaboration for Fortnite?

At the moment there are no more teasers about it, although rumors and leaks seem to indicate that this game mode based on Among Us will come true.

It would not be surprising, since everyone knows that Fortnite is the king video game in terms of collaborations , so it would not be unusual for them to make a kind of collaboration Fortnite and Among Us to bring content from this to the game of Epic Games.