Amazon Echo Show: How to Scan Bar Codes to Make a Purchase

The Echo Show and Show 5 are two of Amazon’s most interesting smart speakers for the simple fact of adding screen. In the kitchen, for example, it is very useful to be able to consult information about a prescription or watch a video about how it is made high. But now it will be even more practical, because it adds the ability to scan barcodes.

Alexa, scan this for the shopping list

Without any official announcement apparently, and for now available only to US users, the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show have gained the ability to scan barcodes . Simply activate the function with the command “Alexa, scan this to add it to my shopping list” and voila, the camera is activated and to read the product code that you place in front of the camera.

Reading the experiences of users who have already been able to try this function it seems that the results are good. The recognition of most products is about and makes the task of creating the shopping list more comfortable. Especially if we compare with having to walk dictating what exactly you want to add. And also because it is more accurate than giving you a generic order like buying milk, but what exactly milk.

As you can imagine, this function is also very designed so that the products you scan are not only added to a list but so that you end up ordering at your own store . In this way they increase the time you spend using their services and also spending within them. What is the goal of any internet company.

Alexa and the Echo

Undoubtedly, for things like this is why many end up betting on Alexa rather than other attendees. It is true that it is not a fair comparison, because the integration of Echo and Amazon products will always be better than that of Assistant or Siri. As happens between these and the services or stores of their respective manufacturers.

Therefore, if you still have doubts when choosing which assistant to bet on, keep all this in mind. If you are regular users of the Amazon store, if you are one of those who bet even on the Dash Buttons it is very likely that the Echo Show will be much more attractive now. Because it is true that ladder a code gives more play than seeing you limited to only being able to associate a product with each button.

However, you decide. What does happen is that if you want to know more about what you can or cannot do with Alexa and Amazon Echo speakers, we publish a video where we tell you how we had integrated the assistant into our day to day.

Finally, there are two models, they are basically identical except for the screen size and that the Echo Show offers better sound performance. If you are interested, we leave you links to both: Echo Show and Echo Show 5.