Alternatives to uTorrent: Best Torrent download Software

There are many ways to get hold of the almost endless content that circulates on the Internet. For this we can use a multitude of programs, platforms and protocols that will be of great help. But without a doubt P2P networks and their clients have become more than common in a few years to this part.

A good part of the users makes daily use of the direct download via HTTPS that many websites present to us. But that, as you surely know, is not the only method we have to download all kinds of content. At the same time we can make use of the aforementioned P2P networks with their inseparable torrent files . In fact, we have been using the programs or clients to deal with these files for several years. We could say that they are tools that have evolved to a great extent over time.

Alternatives to uTorrent

In this way they have managed to adapt to the new times and systems that have appeared. And we must not forget that this type of network to share and download files is widely used both in domestic and more professional environments. For all this, at this time we can use various programs in the form of clients such as Torrent, qBittorrent, Transmission, etc.

Advantages of torrent downloads

One of the protagonists of the entire world of P2P networks are the aforementioned files in torrent format. Keep in mind that these types of files are generally used to share large files. This is due to the fact that thanks to its internal functioning shared between the members of the same network, the download is not centralized in a single server. This provides a higher download speed on many occasions, in addition to lower risk of packet loss and having a decentralized system.

Of course, many associate this type of download with the piracy of content protected by copyright. But what we must be very clear about is that this is nothing more than a type of use that the users themselves make use of. The main reason for this is that they make use of this medium to exchange content with each other in a more anonymous way. However, these programs or clients that we are talking about do not have anything illegal.

What’s more, we can assure you that torrent clients are widely used in business and professional fields for the exchange of large amounts of information. For example, on many occasions the ISO files of operating systems are made available to everyone through this method. Once we have all this clear, in these lines we want to talk about alternative clients to what is perhaps the most popular or one of the most used in the world, uTorrent.

Alternatives to the uTorrent client you’d like to try

As we told you, on the Internet at the moment we have some interesting alternatives to this popular client that we have mentioned. Some more complete, others simpler, or lighter. Everything will depend on the tastes or needs of each one when choosing. With everything and with this, below you will find a wide selection of programs of this type so that you can choose the one that interests you the most. Keep in mind that some proposals are free but limited in functions, while others are completely free to use or even open source .


If uTorrent is popular in everything related to P2P networks and torrent clients, this proposal is not far behind. Specifically, we refer to qBittorrent , an interesting lighter alternative with a multitude of configuration parameters. It is true that in principle it has a similar interface, but for example we can highlight that internally it has its own torrent search engine .


As you can imagine, this is very useful since we will have an integrated search engine without having to use external third-party platforms. You can download this client from its official website .


And if we continue with the most used proposals of this type in recent years, we cannot ignore the Transmission client either. Here we find a free open source program, which makes it win many integers for many users, more in these areas. In fact, over time the client has not stopped improving thanks largely to the collaboration of the project users.


On the other hand we will tell you that if something characterizes this specific program, in addition to being open source, it is how light it is compared to others. In this way, what it achieves is to function like the rest, but occupying little disk space , and hardly consuming PC resources. Of course, in its configuration section it also offers us various parameters to manage the program. We can download it from this link to test it.


As you can imagine from its characteristic name, here we find one of the most representative clients of torrent networks. In fact we can tell you that for years, together with the aforementioned uTorrent , this is the other client of those responsible for the Bittorrent network. As with its brother, this program has a free version, as well as other paid versions for users who need them.


In fact, in the paid versions we find more advanced functions such as the analysis of downloaded files in search of malware , for example. Likewise, in the same way that it happens with uTorrent, this proposal, at least in its free version, has advertising, something that we cannot find in other versions that are totally free to use. But of course, it is also one of the pioneers in the sector, with the advantages in terms of stability and functionality that all this presents us. In order to test this program that we are talking about, you can do it from this link .


The truth is that many of the proposals that we are talking about in these lines, present us with a very similar interface and mode of operation. This is something that we also find in BitComet , another of these alternatives that has been with us for a good number of years. Of course, here we find a proposal that we can download and use completely free of charge and with interesting functions and many customizable parameters.


From here and directly we can play the videos contained in the torrent, or also make use of the eMule network in addition to the BitTorrent that is used by default. It has support for multiple languages and you can download both Windows – based computers and Mac platforms. In order to be able to test it first hand, you can do it from this link .

Azureus / Vuze

Another client for working with torrent files that has been with us for a good number of years, more than a decade and a half, that is Azureus / Vuze. As with others we have talked about, here we also find a more basic free version , as well as a paid one with additional functions. In this, all advertising is eliminated, or the files that we download are scanned in search of malware for greater security. Say that among the program menus, it has a section that gives us direct access to a series of selected additional multimedia content.


Regarding the rest of the program’s interface , its operation is similar to the rest, with a central panel where we load the torrent with which we are going to work. At the same time, it has its own video player and has a video converter to be able to use them directly on other devices. To test this proposal that we are talking about, you can do it from this link .


But users do not always look for complexes as well as complete torrent clients for this type of use in P2P networks. As in the rest of the sectors, many prefer to use simpler and more affordable proposals that also perfectly fulfill their basic mission. In this case, how could it be otherwise, we refer to torrent downloads . Well, one of the maximum representatives in this sense is found with PicoTorrent , another interesting alternative to the aforementioned uTorrent, in addition to open source.


This is something that in the first instance is already reflected in its simple user interface, since in fact we find it cleaner than usual in these solutions. But that does not mean that it does not offer all the necessary information about the files we upload, in addition to proposing some customizable functions. But with everything and with this, what its developers intend here is to provide us with these downloads as much as possible. To try this alternative that we are talking about, you can do it from this link .


We continue in this case with the proposals based on torrent downloads, but which are characterized by being lighter than usual. This is precisely what happens with the client that we will talk about in these same lines, Deluge. Compared to others that we reviewed previously, this one is relatively more modern and current. But as we mentioned, if there is something that characterizes this program, it is its speed of operation, together with the few resources it consumes.


It should be mentioned that this is reflected in the beginning as soon as you install the program and take a look at the simple user interface that it presents. That does not mean that at the same time it offers us a series of configurable parameters as happens in other clients, although in fewer numbers than usual. Therefore, it could be said that it is a fairly simple proposal to use, even by users not very experienced in this type of task with torrent files. If you want to try this completely free proposal first hand, you can do it from this link .


How could it be otherwise, with the passage of time, little by little new proposals have been launched in the form of torrent clients. These join such well-known and iconic titles in the sector as the ones we reviewed previously. Here we find another relatively current proposal compared to others of a lifetime, free and for Windows , macOS and Linux. The entire user interface is based on a panel on the left where the functions that we have access to from here are located.


All this achieves is that the use of this particular proposal is very simple and at the same time affordable for most users, even newbies. In turn, it offers us some interesting functions such as download graphics , notifications, automatic updates, etc. In the event that you decide to try this alternative to which we refer, you can do it from here .