Alternatives to Android Auto for your car

Google confirmed that, with the arrival of Android 12 , the Android Auto smart navigation system will stop working in its version for mobile phones. In fact, the migration to Google Assistant‘s driving mode has already begun.

At the moment many smartphones continue to have the app in the Play Store until they receive the new update. But if you want to enjoy software similar to Android Auto, you should know that there are several alternatives for it. In this way you will also save yourself the possible problems caused by Android Auto.

Alternatives to Android Auto for your car


It is considered by many the best option for your vehicle given its simplicity. AutoMate has the most common tools that we use while driving, such as a music player, a contact list or various widgets.

Interfaz AutoMate

In addition, it is compatible with voice commands and gestures , which gives you a completely safe driving by speeding up procedures. However, to access the latter you must have a premium version that will also give you access to traffic camera alerts among other elements.


It is a safe bet if you are looking for a complete and easy-to-use application . Due to the cleanliness of its interface, you will not have to focus too much on the screen to access the various functions it has.


It is compatible with applications like Spotify, but, without a doubt, the best thing about AutoZen is that it can read the notifications out loud to avoid any kind of distraction. On the other hand, it can respond automatically notifying you that you are behind the wheel.


This software focuses on navigation . Waze contains all kinds of tools to ensure a safe trip and in the shortest possible time. This is thanks to the amount of information it contains about the road.

Waze Interfaz

With it you will avoid any kind of obstacle that you may encounter along the way. The particularity of this application is that you can indicate which is your vehicle so that it adjusts the assistance accordingly. At your disposal you will have other basic functions such as a music player or automatic behaviors in front of calls.

Car Dashdroid

It is similar to the first one we have seen, although aesthetically it leaves a lot to be desired , although it is not a reason not to want to use Car DashDroid . It has the common applications that you can locate in any other application.

Car DashDroid

The difference compared to AutoMate is that it is much more accessible and intuitive due to its interface. So if you don’t mind sacrificing appearance for a quick way to access the various applications, this is the ideal alternative.